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By SHIVA KUSHWAHA 2,754 views

Simple ways to pack Healthy Snacks for Work

Have you been trying to ditch the junk food and clean your diet by including some nutrition-rich snacks during the workday? Well, it is definitely a good attempt to eat healthy and stay energized, as well as, more productive throughout the day.

Many times our thought doesn’t convert into realities as we find it quite difficult to decide how to meal prep healthy snacks quickly during a hectic schedule. Here are some of the simple ways that you can incorporate to pack healthy snacks in glass lunch box set of 4 for work without wasting your time.

office lunch

A handful of nuts and dried fruit

Everything is in your kitchen when it comes to packing healthy snacks for work. A handful of nuts and dried fruit are non-perishable snack combination and nutrition-rich. This combination is not only filling but also rich in 3 different types of macronutrients such as healthy fats, proteins, and fiber.

Apple and peanut butter

Apple slices with peanut butter on top are one the most healthy and delicious snack that you can have any time in the day. Many experts say that if you are having sugar craving then you must try this as it is not only sweet but also healthy. Peanut is basically considered to be rich in protein, while apple is rich in fiber and water. This is the reason why it is the most filling snack.

Greek yogurt

Plain and sugar-free Greek yogurt is another healthy work snack that is higher in protein as compared to normal yogurt available in the market. To add some more flavour to it, you can top it up with some slices of banana or any other fruit of your choice.

Roasted chickpeas

Roasted chickpeas are rich in protein, fiber, and quite a lot of vitamins and minerals. What’s more, they also contain a high amount of amino acids that are required by your body. So, you can pack around ½ cup of roasted chickpeas and munch them while working instead of grabbing a pack of crisp and eating something which isn’t that healthy. You simply have to buy a glass lunch box set of 4 for work so that you can organize your meal in a proper way so that you eat healthy throughout the day.

Cottage cheese and fruit

In the evening time, you definitely don’t want to have loaded calories to make you full it the time you have your dinner. This is the reason why you should avoid eating crisp, biscuits, and any other form of sugar-loaded candies. Pack a protein-rich cottage cheese with some grapes is definitely a very good combo to have as a snack. It is relatively low in calories but rich with different types of nutrients that keep you full for a longer time.

Carrots and hummus

Hummus is a mouth-watering dip that is made from soaked chickpeas, tahini ( a thick paste made from sesame seeds), garlic, olive oil, and lemon juice and really goes well with carrot slices.

Shiva Kushwaha

Shiva Kushwaha is a lead blog writer, blogger & content marketer, he publishes and manages the contents on many blogs. Shiva writes about lifestyle, technology, travel, health and more. He has been in the marketing industry for 5 years and with a very valuable experience in this industry, He has marked his footprints as a renowned guest blogger in Delhi.