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Pikashow APK download for movies
By GURLEEN KAUR 1,470 views

All You Need To Know About PikaShow & PikaShow APK Download

Are you a big entertainment lover? Or looking for an ideal online platform to get entertained and engaged? If yes, look no further than PikaShow. Yes, you read that right! It is a one-stop destination to watch movies, sports, TV shows, and a lot of other fun content without spending a single penny. From movies to TV series, dramas, and web shows, the platform is loaded with a wide variety of content you can binge-watch.

In case you want to know about PikaShow APK Download for Android and PC, we recommend you read the blog till the end. However, before we dive deeper, let’s get to know a little about PikaShow, its features, and other details. Let’s get started.

An Overview of PikaShow

Over the last few years, streaming platforms have gained immense popularity for all good reasons. From access to a great quantity of high-quality content to no need for storage space, cost-effective rates, and customisable, streaming platforms offer a whole host of benefits to users. The internet is loaded with various online channels that feature a lot of content to entertain users. One such platform is PikaShow.

The app aims to bridge the gap between all types of entertainment lovers and quality content. Whether you like comedy, drama, suspense, thrill, or romance, you will find content from a range of genres. The app offers users access to a comprehensive variety of content from all over the world that too at high streaming speeds.

Pikashow APK

In fact, it is one of the most widely used streaming apps available on the Google Play Store. Further, the app covers tons of entertainment content that is almost impossible to find on a single website. From Hollywood to Bollywood, national to international news, OTT content to on-demand videos, you name it and it has got you everything covered.

In addition to a great quantity of content, the app is known for its simple interface, on-screen customisation, one-click downloading, and much more. Whether you are a fun seeker or binge-watcher, there is something for everyone. That’s not all! Keep reading the blog to learn some of the amazing features of PikaShow.

Features of PikaShow

Loaded with a lot of features, PikaShow is an ideal and user-friendly platform that anyone can use without the need for any technical knowledge or seeking external help. However, there is a twist. Only permanent subscribers are allowed to access the premium features of the app, while free members can enjoy a 7-day free trial.  Let’s throw light on some of the main features of the app.

Pikashow APk download

  • Access to a Great Quantity of Content

As mentioned earlier in the article, the platform stocks a huge variety of content to offer a full dose of entertainment and fun to users. This includes:

Movies: The app features tons of movies in multiple languages. From Hollywood to Bollywood, Tamil, and Karnataka, you will find movies from different industries. Also, you will find movies from diverse genres like action, comedy, adventure, drama, fantasy, and horror just to name a few.

Live TV Channels: PikaShow allows you to watch your favourite TV channels without any geographical restrictions. The app stocks a collection of 500+ Live TV channels, including STAR Plus, Goldmines, and many more.

Live Programs List: With PikaShow, you get access to a huge range of On-demand Content and Over-the-Internet programs like global news, business stories, fashion events, history, and more.

Sports: Whether cricket, racing, football, or any other sport you like, you will find them under one roof. The PikaShow app stocks over 100 Sports Channels, making it an ideal destination for any sports lover.

OTT Platforms: PikaShow allows users direct access to numerous OTT channels, including Amazon Prime, Netflix, Ullu, and Voot, just to name a few from an extensive list.

  • One-Click Downloading

One of the best and most appealing features of PikaShow is that it permits users to download almost all kinds of content available on the app. All you need to do is choose your favourite show and just click the Download Button below it. Of course, you can’t download Live Streams of dramas or sports.

  • Built-in Video Player

PikaShow houses a highly-superior and advanced in-built Video Player that gives users access to different video players like MP3, MP4, and more.

  • Subtitles

Be it a movie, TV show, or documentary, you can have subtitles with every video to have a seamless and enjoyable video-watching experience.

  • Simple Interface

Despite being loaded with an ocean of content, PikaShow has a very simple, easy-to-use, and user-engaging interface that hardly takes up any space on your device. Chromecast, customisation, and multi-language are a few of the other features of PikaShow. You can easily opt for the PikaShow APK download at Google Play Store.

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