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Best Friend
By ADA BENTON 1,520 views

5 Reasons That Prove God is the Best Friend That You Could Ever Get!

Having a best friend in life is a blessing. Not everyone surrounds with the great friends who really take care of others as mostly are self-centered. So, how could you actually get that best friend? Saint Baba Gurmeet Ram  Rahim Singh Ji Insan has enunciated five things that best describes a friend and He can only God. He is the one who stands by all the tests you lay down in searching for the best friend.

But making Him your friend is not child’s play. You have to beat your inner negative power to meditate regularly because regular prayers can bring you closer to Him. Only then you will be able to make Him your friend.

Once He becomes your friend, you will never need anyone else for friendship. Of course, if God is with you then you have everything. So, why would you need the feel of any friend?

  1. God Hears You For Sure!

No matter what, no matter how damn bad circumstance you are going through, God is here to listen to you. But this doesn’t happen with your worldly friends for sure. They are not available all the time to hear you and your issues.

But this doesn’t happen if you make Him as your friend. He will keep everything at bay to listen to you and your prayers. You just need to be firm, consistent and devotional.  No one will interrupt and come between you and God. So, you just need to pray Him in the correct way with complete devotion and He will certainly listen to you in all circumstances.

  1. Stays Always on Your Side!

You can count on God invariably. He is there to guide you, to showcase you the right path and will never leave you alone. You will not feel lonely in any case in any circumstance. You are not alone to fight your battles, He is there by your side to guide you and make you sovereign of them.

This rarely happens with worldly friends. When you have the funds and passing on happy days, then your friends will stay by your side, but in the case of sufferings & hardships, none of them show even their face.

But if you are praying to God, then He will never ever leave you alone in any situation out there. He lifts you up from all the agony and helps you come out of it by staying by your side.

  1. Unconditional Love!

This self-centric world loves you on terms & condition. You will not be loved unconditionally. What you did is not a matter to worry at all as God’s love will never be less of anything.

Baba Ram Rahim says, once He has attached to you, He will never ever leave you even if you want to abandon God. His love is ineffable and worldly love cant ever provide you the happiness that God can bestow you with because He doesn’t put any condition upon you to stay in His touch. God is the one who will never turn His back upon you in any circumstance; instead, His overflowing love will blow you away with extreme happiness & satisfaction.

  1. Accept You with Your Flaws!

Amidst all the best traits of God, one is that the doors of His heart are always open for you. He will not reject you just because of the countless flaws you possess. He will accept you come what may.

He will not make fun of you for your silly outfit, your talks, your actions, not at all! He will not judge you. He knows what aces and ineptness you possess and knows even better than you. Just be genuine in your affairs and pray to God by heart.

Unlike others, age, skin color, money, gender, status or anything else doesn’t matter for Him. He just wants you to stay happy and accepts you with all your flaws.

  1. Brings Only Best For You!

What your best friend can ever do for you? This question might be answered in numerous ways. But he/she could never bring things that are just made for you and give surety that you will stay happy in the future after getting it.

But surprisingly, God can bless you with this gift. He knows what’s the best for you and brings just best for you. His complete focus remains to enrich you with immense delight which you can’t bring by spending lots of money.

If you regularly meditate, then He will bring best for you and let you become the best version of yourself. You will get the right navigation and a boost of your potential.

So, when are starting regular prayers making Him your best friend? Start it today and enjoy all the privileges of having a best friend who stands by your side, no matter what.

Ada Benton

Hi, I'm Ada Benton, working as an online marketing consultant in a award winning marketing firm.