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Shopify for Ecommerce in India
By DAVID MARK 2,896 views

5 Best Alternatives to Shopify for Ecommerce in India

Now first off, let’s give credit where credit is due. The very day Shopify stepped onto the scene, the marketing business never remained the same. All the Shopify development companies in India have seen significant growth over the years.
Not only the world of customers became a whole lot easier, but the platform also paved the way for other aspiring developers. They today introduce their own unique features and that’s how the marketing today is. All scaled businesses have plenty of options to choose from, and that’s where the whole basis of this content lies on. We are going to choose the best of the bunch.

So, what are the best alternatives to Shopify for E-commerce in India? Let’s dive in.

  • BIgcommerce: An obvious first choice for such a list, Bigcommerce is your ideal platform for setting up a business without any fuss. This software is especially suitable for small scale businesses as they provide services for as low as 29$ a month. They have over 100,000 online stores set up to provide complete solutions without the delay. The Drag and drop feature here makes it a quick process to set up your website. And with thousands of templates, your store also looks appealing to the viewers.
  • Opencart: Opencart has been a major player in the field of eCommerce for quite a while now. It is perhaps the biggest beneficiary of businesses switching from another platform. This is due to its CartToCart feature which enables you to change your web host automatically and without going through unnecessary settings… The sole criticism thrown its way is that Opencart doesn’t come up with regular updates every year. However, that has also changed in recent times and the platform is complete with WordPress plugins and all other necessary tools.
  • Prestashop: Prestashop is the best alternative to Shopify for all kinds of small scale businesses since setting up is free of cost. The software is capable of supporting multiple currency transactions and language which is again a blessing for the user looking to expand their wings into the international market. You have a choice of either going as a self-hosted or a paid-hosted setup. This means you can pay for your expansion as per your business needs. Prestashop is rapidly transforming into the best free platform out there.
  • Woocommerce: One of the largest and renowned platforms out there, Woocommerce has over 500,000 online service centers for servicing you. It is free, open source provides a host of WordPress plugins and complete WordPress integration. However, there is no hosting here but you can choose from a variety of hosting providers. I would recommend Siteground or Bluehost because they are really suitable for Woocommerce. Still, the software makes up for that with its simplistic setup process and large support network.
  • Magento: Magento, apart from being free and open-source will also allow you to customize your complete website. This platform is more suitable for large-scale businesses as it requires some knowledge of coding and skills. But if you have them covered, Magento is surely one the most flexible, scalable, and secure alternatives out there. You will cherish the services they provide and a large collection of templates and extensions make it an attractive prospect.

Conclusion: All the aforementioned platforms are highly efficient and unique in their own ways. Then again, Shopify presently still remains the undisputed leader when it comes to eCommerce businesses. It is an affordable option that has it reaches all over the globe while giving the all-in-one experience to the personnel.

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