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Chandigarh Municipal Corporation
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Splendid Win of BJP over Congress in Chandigarh MC Election of 2016

Giving real shock to the Congress, which had been controlling the Chandigarh Municipal Corporation from recent years, BJP-SAD association together secured 21 metropolitan seats out of total 26 seats of Municipal Corporation, Chandigarh. Congress won just 4 seats, while one seat was won by an autonomous applicant, who was a BJP revolt. It is the big win for BJP. Celebrations started right after the news out of their win. Amit Shah the current President of BJP calls it votes for notes ban.

BJP National President Amit Shah

With this BJP-SAD association together has accompanied an agreeable lion’s share in the Chandigarh Municipal Corporation. As there is need of 19 votes in the mayoral poll to win seats of the mayor, senior representative leader and delegate chairman, it appears that BJP-SAD will have their mayor for next five years. BJP had challenged on 22 seats, while SAD was given 4 seats. State assembly election is approaching and this is the big reason too for BJP celebrations. People seems as it is a big win just before the UP and Punjab MC election.

Sitting chairman and BJP candidate Arun Sood also figured out to win his seat from the edge of more than 2,000 votes. He triumphs over Congress competitor Rajesh Sharma.