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lamora williams
By GRACIE HART 4,210 views

Story of Lamora Williams—A Mother Who Killed Her Two Sons

Atlanta native Lamora Williams first made headlines in October 2017. Neither is she a famous Hollywood star nor a well-known politician, so what made Lamora an issue?

Well, Lamora is a single mother of four and has been charged with the murder of her two youngest sons. Yes, you read that right! According to reports, she brutally killed her two children by putting them in an oven and setting it on high heat.

The gruesome incident occurred on October 13, 2017, and according to the autopsy report, the children were inside the heated oven for a long period of time.

Continue reading the article for a deeper look into Lamora Williams’ story.

Mental Health Issues

As per Lamora Williams’ family, she has been suffering from mental health issues since her childhood. She even suffered postpartum depression and severe mental illness after getting separated from her children’s father.

Tabitha Hollingsworth, Lamora’s sister, claimed that her sister was suffering from major behavior and emotional issues since her young days and she even attempted suicide.

Her mother, Brenda Williams, even claimed that her daughter tends to learn slower and she was even pulled out of public school and was homeschooled.

Lamora Williams’ Mother Asked For Her Kids’ Custody

Lamora Williams was just 18 years old when she gave birth to her first child, a daughter. It was the family of her daughter’s father who assisted her in caring for the child.

After that, Lamora entered into a love relationship with Jameel Penn, with whom she had three children. However, their relationship came to an end in 2017. However, Jameel Penn continued to support Lamora financially and physically in raising the children.

After the duo’s separation, Brenda Williams, Lamora Williams’ mother, tried to get custody of the children. She even approached the Division of Family and Children Services to inform them about Lamora’s mental condition and even claimed that her daughter was not feeding her children properly.

Lamora Called Her Close Friend Neesa Smith

It was October 13, 2017, when Neesa Smith, a close friend of Lamora Williams, received a call from Lamora. Lamora seemed very depressed and told Nessa that she could not take it anymore and informed her friend about the death of her two youngest sons: Ja’Karter, who was one year old, and Ke-Yaunte, who was two years old.

Neesa asked Lamora to call 911 and call the police to confess what she had done. But first she called Jameel Penn via video to show him that the children were dead.

It was a big surprise for Penn to see his sons dead on the floor. After seeing his children, he immediately called the police.

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Lamora Blamed Her Cousin For Her Kids’ Murder

Lamora called the police and told them that she had left her children with her cousin and when she got home she found her children dead.

She told the police officers that one child was lying under a “tipped over” stove, that both children were burned, and that “brains were lying on the floor”

First, she told the 911 dispatcher that she did not know who killed her children. Then she blamed her cousin for the murder. Finally, she said her sister killed the children. She was unclear and gave false information.

Lamora repeatedly asked the police that she did not want to go to jail because she was not at home when her children died.

Lamora Williams Was Accused Of Murder In 2018

As per prosecutors, Lamora deliberately burned her two youngest sons to hide the actual way she murdered them. Even her mother, Brenda Williams admitted that her daughter is responsible for the incident while still confessing that her daughter has been suffering from mental health issues.

Apart from committing murder, Lamora has been charged with other crimes like making false statements, aggravated assault, and hiding a death.

However, there is still no update on whether or not Lamora was found guilty. As she has serious mental issues, high chance that the court might not have found her capable to stand trial and she might be sent to seek medical help to treat her mental condition.

The Tragic Incident

Lamora Williams made headlines when she tragically took the lives of her two young sons. This heart-wrenching incident shocked the community and prompted widespread discussions about mental health awareness and support systems.


The tragic story of Lamora Williams is a grim reminder of the impact that mental health problems can have on individuals and their communities.

We must work together to create a society that supports people struggling with mental health issues and fosters a climate of empathy and understanding.

By raising awareness, fighting stigma, and prioritizing mental wellness, we can prevent future tragedies and create a brighter, more compassionate world.

Gracie Hart

Freelance Writer, Digital Marketer, and Content Writer