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physical therapy

Marketing Strategies for Physical Therapy Clinics

According to a study conducted by Hook Agency, 48% of U.S. companies spend only 4-6% of revenue on marketing. With such minimal investment, many may be missing opportunities for exposure. To keep your prospects and your physical therapy business growing, develop a plan to regularly introduce your services to consumers.

These tips will help you master physical therapy marketing.

Build Brand Awareness

With a logo, you can distill your company’s mission into a symbol that can instantly trigger certain perceptions in users’ minds. A graphic design professional can help you create the symbol that will generate the responses you want, then combine it with a tagline that is easy to remember, and a color scheme is known to evoke the mood you wish to create within prospective clients.

Use these basic elements of your brand identity on all print and digital media to build a sense of permanence in the minds of clients and prospects.

Use Website Best Practices

One great way to develop useful habits and maximize your PT website traffic is to implement website design best practices. Even if your website has been operating for some time, certain features can be added to improve its ease of use and help you reach a much wider audience.

Here are some key best practices that will make your PT website one of your most useful lead-generation tools/

  • Use a clean, uncluttered design that can be navigated easily
  • Make your site accessible to people with hearing, visual, and mobility impairments
  • Use quality, professional photography, and stock images
  • Incorporate client reviews and testimonials into the design
  • Update the site with regular content that is relevant to client needs

Update your Content

You can learn what content will best suit your readers’ interests by asking them. Save time and take the guesswork out of content creation by letting their needs drive your efforts.

  • Install a widget for a client questionnaire
  • Conduct polls on your social media website
  • Invite clients to complete a survey after visits for the chance to win discounts
  • While in conversation, just ask what content they would like to see on your site

In addition to new material, update old posts and articles with current information. Seasonally check your old content for outdated data. If there are new medical findings, device recalls drug warnings, or other pertinent information relevant to something you posted in the past, incorporate this new information quickly.

Keep Printed Marketing Materials on Hand

While most of your prospects will be comfortable using electronic devices and the internet to gather information about your practice, there are some who will not. These individuals may only learn about your services by way of print marketing materials. These include

  • Postcards and rack cards
  • Flyers
  • Business cards
  • Brochures
  • Banners and signs
  • Gifts and Apparel

You might include mugs or t-shirts imprinted with your logo in a giveaway for people who complete your polls or surveys. Drop off postcards or rack cards with your affiliates for placement on their front desks. These kinds of tools can help to keep you at the top of mind for prospective clients.

Cultivate Affiliate Relationships

It is also likely your vendors and referring physical therapy physicians will have no problem sharing your social media posts, linking to your content, or allowing you to provide guest posts for their blog.

Return the favor whenever possible and cultivate good relationships with them. Visit them in person to catch up with their staff and maintain a good rapport. Word-of-mouth is still the best form of advertising, and the businesses that work with yours will be among your most credible allies in generating leads.

Send a Monthly Newsletter

Your monthly newsletter can be an expansion of your blog or consolidation of your online content and social media posts. However, because of the added dimension of familiarity that your email newsletter recipients will have with you, why not reward them with bonus information? Include some additional posts or coupons that are featured only in your periodical. This will make the people on your email list feel like they have access to exclusive perks, and provide an incentive for new users to join your mailing list.

Engage through Social Media

People will always be eager to share information that has made their lives easier, and social media makes it possible for that sharing to occur in record time.

With social media, you can take on a uniquely informal tone and remind clients and prospects that there are people behind your content. This builds trust and allows them to quickly provide you with feedback about your practice. Encourage them to like, comment, and share your posts to build visibility for your brand and increase your engagement with your followers.

If you need a more in-depth exploration of the concepts provided here, you may contact the team of experts. They will help you apply these strategies to your physical therapy marketing campaign and turn more of your followers into clients.

Maryna Bizhikian

My name is Maryna Bizhikian. I am a fintech specialist, a digital marketer from NYC, and a COO at Digital Clever Solutions. I have been working in the IT industry for more than five years and have acquired extensive experience running a business.