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How Does the Student Promise India Secure your Dream Job?

You may have heard of an old age saying that “you cannot get a job without experience and you cannot get experience without a job”. Recent graduates in India often go through this dilemma when they are trying to apply for jobs. They face the toughest barrier in launching their careers for not having the experience.  In addition to that, they often lack key skills desired by potential employers. This makes it difficult for students to find a suitable job to start their career.

The Student Promise India provides fresh graduates with unique opportunities to secure their dream job soon after completing their studies.

Here is how The Student Promise helps you secure a dream graduate job.

·      The Student Promise is a Part of World Leading Recruitment Network.

The Student Promise India is a part of the EPSN workforce group which is one of the leading recruitment agencies with offices around the world. This network provides employment to hundreds of graduates like you every year. Companies of great name and fame, hire their employees through EPSN. So, through this collaboration, subscribers are easily able to find a job they’ll love.

·        We Focus on your Personal Branding.

Once registered, we evaluate the skills of the applicant through online assessments. It helps us understand what types of jobs your aptitude and personality match. Our career consultants will discuss possible future career paths based on your preference and profile. With this information, it will also be possible for us to find any skill gaps required to achieve your career goals. We will encourage you to work hard to fill these skill gaps during your studies so you are a valuable asset for potential employers after graduation.  It will also help you in personal branding, which gives you an independent identity separated from the place you work.

·        We prepare you for future Applications and Selection Procedures.

Once we have defined and refined what do you want to achieve in your life professionally, we will work with you to prepare for future applications and selection procedures at the world’s best organizations. Recent graduates in India like you who have not attended interviews before may feel very anxious due to a lack of information on what to expect during the recruitment process. However, we will answer all the questions that you might have about what to expect during an interview. This will increase your confidence levels, which will help you perform better during job interviews.

·       We Also offer International Job Placements.

Working abroad can give your life and career a new boost. It offers a unique experience of learning about other cultures. If you have a dream of working Internationally, then we can help you fulfill your dream by making it possible for you to get a job in any country of your choice. It does not really matter where you live currently because we will also assist you with visa application and relocation as well.

·      Our Certified Career Consultant is Available online for Help.

We know you may need a lot of help to secure a job in India or abroad. That`s why you will always have access to our certified career consultants. From the start, until you secure a job successfully and even after that, we will remain in touch with you to ensure you keep working in the right direction to achieve your dream. There will be multiple career counseling sessions with a personal career consultant who will remain the same throughout your study life. This will ensure that you are completely polished and prepared for your future jobs. Once you graduate, find a job and start working, we will be available if you need our advice to overcome any problems related to your career. 

·        Life long Career Growth and Development.

Our relationship with you will not just end with finding you a job but will continue even after that as we will provide you valuable suggestions for career growth and development. This may even include helping you to find another job or transition through a career change. So whatever you plan, we will be always on your back suggesting and encouraging you to do better in life professionally. From fresh graduate job hunting in India to senior job placement, you can rely on us for life long career growth and development.