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Time Stop Brave Chapter 45
By AMANDA MILLS 549 views

Time Stop Brave Chapter 45 – Three Witches and Stop

Kuzuno Sekai is taken to a fantasy world set in the Middle Ages in the mysterious world of Time Stop Brave Chapter 45. He sets off on an amazing journey with a mysterious gaming controller that can change time and a three-day countdown timer that is ticking away. This chapter is called “Three Witches and Stop,” and it tells us more about how this magical world works and how Sekai’s fate changes.

A Look at “Time Stop Brave Chapter 45”

The comic series “Time Stop Brave Chapter 45” by Mitsunaga Yasunori is very interesting. The story is about Kuzuno Sekai, who gets sucked into a magical world from the Middle Ages. The unexpected turn of his trip is made more interesting when he gets a game controller that can stop time. Besides that, he has a 3-day countdown timer that gives his new skills a sense of urgency.

The Claim

Kuzuno Sekai, a normal gamer, wakes up in a world that looks like the games he used to play. That being said, this isn’t a normal game; it’s a real world with real monsters, magic, and quests. The fact that he can stop time and see the countdown timer makes him different from the other people who live in this realm.

The Three Witches

Sekai meets three mysterious witches as he discovers this new world. Each witch has a different power and a secret message for him. Their identities are still unknown, but it’s clear that they had an impact on Sekai’s trip.

  • The Witch of Time: She shows up in front of Sekai and tells him that her magic is what makes his controller able to stop time. She tells him what will happen if he abuses this power and tells him to be smart about how he uses it. Sekai isn’t sure if she has the key to getting him back home.
  • The Witch of Fate: This mystery witch gives Sekai hints about a big future. She talks about fate and the choices he will make that will shape his path. Sekai thinks about what his actions mean after hearing her mysterious words.
  • The Witch of Secrets: The third witch is still hard to find; we only catch glimpses of her. She says things that aren’t supposed to be said and hints at secrets. Sekai wants to know if she knows what the countdown timer means and why he is there.

Problems and Challenges

As Sekai moves through this magical world, he has to deal with many problems:

  • Battles and Quests: Sekai goes on quests, fights mythical animals, and gets better at fighting. The power to stop time comes in handy during intense battles, giving him time to plan his move and get the upper hand.
  • Time Limits: Sekai can’t look away from the timer that is counting down. He needs to figure out what it’s for and how to reset it. He is getting closer to an unknown limit every day.
  • Moral Difficulties: Sekai faces moral problems. Should he be selfish with his skills or use them for the greater good? The witches’ coded messages make his choices even harder to make.

Figuring out the Mystery

As Sekai learns more about the world’s history, he finds powerful artifacts, forgotten cultures, and old prophecies. He needs the witches’ help more than ever because they lead him to secret churches, magical libraries, and long-lost scrolls.

The Great Message

In Chapter 45, Sekai faces the truth: the countdown timer isn’t just a part of the game. There is a spiritual countdown going on that has to do with the end of the world. When the witches’ coded messages come together, they show a prophecy that depends on what Sekai does.

What are some other manga stories that are like Time Stop Brave?

Certainly! If you liked “Time Stop Brave” (also called “Jikan Teishi Yuusha”), you might like these comics series:

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A goddess calls on a hero to save the world in this comic. He won’t take any risks because he’s too careful. The idea of stopping time in “Time Stop Brave” is similar to how preparation time and strategic thought work.

The Inferior Magic Swordsman:

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When a knight tries to kill Asai Manatsu, things go badly for him. A woman with silver hair saves him, but his act of kindness ends in death. The story is about magic, rebirth, and staying alive.


This is a strange and interesting manga that has supernatural elements. If you like stories with unexpected turns and special skills, “Inu” might be worth checking out.

Shin Sakura Tsuushin:

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Don’t forget that each of these stories is different, so feel free to read a lot of them and pick the one that speaks to you the most.


People who read “Three Witches and Stop” are on the edge of their seats. Will Sekai figure out what’s happening, keep the promise, and go home? Or will he move into this magical world and stay there forever? The timer is running out, and Sekai’s fate is still unknown.

Time Stop Brave Chapter 45 tells an interesting story about fate, magic, and the freedom to choose. The stakes get higher in each chapter, and Sekai’s journey gets more interesting. As readers, we can’t wait for the next part because we want answers and want to cheer for our brave main character.

Amanda Mills

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