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Cello - Nina Kotova
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Tips to Choose Your First Cello

Music soothes our senses and gives a feeling of relaxation. If we talk about a cello, then no one can resist her or himself from getting indulged in the music originating from the fine strings. If you are thinking of learning the cello, then, you will crave to know how to choose and purchase your first cello. Before going ahead, let’s discuss more about the cello. The cello is a bowed string instrument, looks like, viola and violin, however, is much larger and has thicker strings. You hold the instrument differently from violin and viola so the bowed technique for cello is different. Sound of Cello music is like human voice and the deep, melodious sound enriches your soul. The body of the cello is carved from Maplewood, several other materials like metal, rubber and steel are also used in its formation.

Here are some tips which helps you to select a right cello for you

  • To select a perfect cello is a difficult task. According to Nina Kotova a professional Russian, American cellist, it depends upon the level of experience you have in playing cello. If you are at trainee level, then buying an expensive cello will not worth of. You can go for an inexpensive cello to train yourself. However, if you are an intermediate and professional cellist, then buying a high quality cello will be appreciated. Price tag can’t tell you how good the sound of a cello is.
  • Beginner cellist can take the instrument on rent as many musical instrument shops offer to rent out their musical instruments.
  • Check your budget for purchasing a good sound quality cello. You must have set a certain budget for your first cello. It could be from hundreds to thousands of dollars. There would be an apparent difference in the instrument if the cost is on both sides of the budget. Check with several music instrument shops to personally feel the difference in tone of the various cello of different price range. Once you test the instrument personally. You will be able to gauge the worth of the instrument. Set the budget accordingly for your first cello.
  • Do not hesitate to get the advice from experienced players. They know what type of cello is right to pick as your first cello. As they have more experience, they must know the quality of cello to be selected.
  • Although there are a number of music instrument shops, but deal with reputable shops so that you can get the instrument back for repair if something went wrong. Reputable shops believes in making a long run relationship with their clients so if you purchase your first music instrument from them, most likely you will be able to trade up for latest model later on.
  • Do more research in libraries, over the internet, take advice from experienced players and visit instrument shops to get the best clarity of the sound of the cello. As you get more equipped with right knowledge, you will be more confident in selecting your first cello.
    Nina Kotova is a professional cellist who made contribution to the music world by her outstanding performance.

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