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xl physical therapy
xl physical therapy

Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is the most important treatment in which doctors prefer to treat an injury or recover after a surgery. It is a scientifically proven method for improving the state of individual’s health says the therapists at XL Physical Therapy & Sports Rehab.

Health status of every individual is different. Due to this reason, people seek the help of a physical therapist to make sure that a proper exercise routine is provided to each patient.

XL Physical Therapists help their patients with their injuries and suggest ways to control their weight. XLPT work with their patients on prevention and proper exercise.

Following are some physical therapy tips for patients given by a therapist, on how to do the exercise properly to get the desired result without any injury:

• Always keep Optimistic Attitude toward Physical Therapy Session:

Willpower and positive attitude throughout a rehab are crucial. The commitment to follow the exercise routine has a direct effect on the quickness and completeness of an individual’s recovery.

• Consume Plenty of Water:

This is always the first answer to question how to get the most out of physical therapy. It is important to drink a lot of water in order to make sure your body cells remain hydrated. So, before you begin your exercise session, drink plenty of water before starting, during the session and after the completion of the exercise.

• Avoid Eating Earlier to Exercise:

Refrain eating at least two hours before any aerobic type of physical activity. If individual eat before their exercise session, their body starts using energy to digest the food. Consequently, people will not get most out of their exercise routine. In fact, eating before you rehab may cause you to feel inactive.

• Warm Up:

Depending on your injury, the therapists at XL physical therapy recommend their patients go for warm up before the exercise session. And if you are aged, the warm-up session should be no more than 10 minutes in order to avert injury during exercise. Any physical activity of no impact is good for a warm-up and light stretching.

• Leave Your Other Problems Aside When Doing Physical Therapy Exercises:

You should utilize this valuable time just to focus on fitness and your body. There is a need to learn to identify the warning signs sent by the body. Fact is, it is hard to do when you are not focusing on the therapy.

• Pay attention to Body Messages and tell therapist if something is Painful:

The human body is very assiduous at sending messages during physical therapy sessions. Hence, you must pay attention to different signs your body gives while performing the exercise. If you feel any symptoms tell your XL Physical Therapy team.

• Post-Exercise Cool Down

Always make sure that you progressively cool down at the end of an energetic physical therapy exercise session. The best way to cool down is to slow your physical activity in increments. Also, follow up with stretching to avoid injuries. For instance, if you are running then slow down to a walk and if walking quickly slow your speed.

• Essentials of Physical Therapy Exercise Session:

General exercise routine comprises of three essentials i.e. aerobic, strength training and flexibility. Here, are some benefits of physical therapy exercise session:

  • Aerobic portion of individual’s regimen serves to reinforce their heart.
  • Strength training help people in strengthening the muscles around the injury as well as burning fat.
  • The third essential of exercise i.e. flexibility allows people body to maintain the liberty of movement by rectifying range of motion.

• Ask Your Therapist if You Have Any Doubt:

Be proactive about your treatment plan. If you have no idea why you are doing the particular exercise and how you can do something better ask the XL Physical Therapy team.

Wrapping Up

If you want to live a healthier, pain-free and quality life, then XL physical therapy & Sports Rehab is the best choice for you. The team of therapists at this therapy center have experience of many years and have specialization in treating different conditions. They help their patients from preventing further injuries by providing personalized regimen.

XL Physical Therapy

XL Physical Therapy & Sports Rehab is a premier Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy Center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, owned by licensed physical therapist Jack Zatorski, MPT, CSCS, PES, USA Weightlifting Club Coach.