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Explore Best Tips to Grow Air Plants

Having love for plants and taking care of them with love are two different things. You may love plants but you may find difficult to keep them at home due to a hectic schedule. Most people find difficulty in taking care of plants at home. And this is the reason they avoid to keep them at a home. Well, if you are fond of plants but do not have much time for their care, air plants (official name– Tillandsia) is the best option for you. These are one of the easiest plants to grow and nurture. Although they need special care and treatment to thrive, it doesn’t ask for much effort and works from you to care for them.

Let’s discuss a few best tips to grow air plant in a home with the experts of Plantgrowpick.


Like any other living being, air plants also need light to bloom. According to experts, it is necessary for plants to get an adequate amount of light. Normally it is advisable to keep them within about five feet of a window or artificial light source. And excessive direct sunlight should be avoided as it can be harmful to them. You can keep your air plants on kitchen or bathroom window sills where they will get indirect light. Indirect light is good for air plants to thrive


Everyone knows that air plant usually found in a tropical climate where they would never be open to freezing temperatures. Therefore, it is necessary to keep them at adequate room temperature. The normal temperature you can consider for air plants is the same normal temperature you keep your home at anyway i.e. the 60s or warmer. Remember not to keep them close to an air conditioner vent or a window that obviously get very cold during winters.



Usually, watering these plants once a week is enough for their optimal health, but in case they are getting dried out, they will require more frequent watering. Most times when we use an air conditioner or heater for a longer period of time, it dried out the plants. Therefore, it is important to keep this thing in mind and water them accordingly. When it comes to water them, place them face down in a sink or a container for about 10 to 20 minutes. Do not let them sit in water for too long as it can rot or any other damage can kill the plants. Better if you water them early in the morning and leave them out in a place where they will dry up within about three to four hours.


Like most plants, air plant also loses some leaves and grow new ones. So remember to trim off any dead or brown leaves with scissors. To give the leaf a natural an attractive appearance, trim them from a particular angle.

Final Thoughts

So these are the few best tips from the experts of Plantgrowpick to grow air plants in your home. Hold on! Before you jump out of your bed to go outside for buying this plant, make sure you have a suitable space in your home to place them. You can keep this plant in your office as well.

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