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Top Moving Companies in California

Top Moving Companies in California

When you plan to move to California, hiring a good moving company needs to be the priority. We here discuss top 6 movers in California.

While you think about moving to California, you will realize how important a moving company is. You need a trustworthy mover in California to pack your belongings, load the truck, drive to the new home, and unload the items safely. So which are the best movers in California to rely upon a moving day?

Before we move forward, here are a few factors you need to know about a moving company that you hire.

  • It needs to be experienced in moving the home, both locally and long-distance
  • It should be properly licensed
  • The mover needs to be verified
  • The mover should have a good track record

Let us take a look at the best 6 movers in California:

Nationwide Moving Services

  • MC Number: 01066696
  • DOT Number: 3341650
  • Year of Establishment: 01 January 1970

A big name in the moving industry for the past few decades, Nationwide Moving Services can help you relocate both locally and long-distance. When you have to move to California, it is a reliable name to hire. The moving company in California is properly verified and has offices across the US. This makes it possible to move to California from any state at affordable rates.

All Coast Moving Group

  • MC Number: 1079873
  • DOT Number: 3369008
  • Year of Establishment01 January 1970

All Coast Moving Groups is one of the best movers in California with a successful track record of moving homes interstate affordably. For the past 4 decades, the company has been relocating homes to California from every state in the US. Properly licensed and verified, this mover in California is available to pack your special items and transport them to your new home intact.

Empire Moving Group

  • MC Number: 1048622
  • DOT Number: 3304546
  • Year of Establishment: 01 January 1970

While you have a plan to relocate to California, there’s no other mover better than Empire Moving Group. A properly licensed and verified mover, it promises a comfortable and affordable interstate moving experience. It operates in every state in the US and is one of the trusted names for the past 4 decades.

Move Safe Vanlines

  • MC Number: 025750
  • DOT Number: 3004354
  • Year of Establishment: 01 January 1970

A verified moving company in California, Move Safe Vanlines is a trustworthy name to assign the task to relocate your home. The moving company has a good track record of moving homes interstate. It will efficiently pack and load your items to the truck without causing any damage. The mover operates in multiple states and you can contact the mover from 9 AM to 5 PM every day for a good moving quote.

Eagle Moving Group

  • MC Number: 01185070
  • DOT Number: 3545015
  • Contact No. (877) 540-2992

When you want to move to California and the home has a large volume of belongings, including special items, hire Eagle Moving Group. A licensed moving company in California, it offers interstate moving services across the country. The moving company operates every day from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM and you can approach it for affordable moving quotes. Eagle moving Group promises a fabulous moving experience.

Trinity Vanlines

  • MC Number: 102445
  • DOT Number: 3146583
  • Year of Establishment: 01 January 1970

When you need a verified and moving company in California to relocate the home, Trinity Vanlines is the best name to rely upon. One of the prominent interstate movers in California, Trinity Vanlines operates in almost every state and has a successful track record. The moving company is properly verified and you can contact it to safely move to one of the best places in the US.

In California, there’s no shortage of affordable moving companies. However, you need to check whether it suits your needs. Pick a mover from the list and enjoy a fabulous moving experience.

mover junction

Movers generally call a move within the state a local move as mostly it would be less than 100 miles. When you are moving locally, somewhere within the 100-mile radius, the costs are calculated differently by the moving companies.

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