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India is a vast country and there are plenty of places that you can go to for pleasure and leisure. However, many people travel because of work, weddings, parties, and other reasons too. The point is if the journey isn’t good, the charm for the destination fades away to a great extent. If you want that your trips stay good and lively, then always pick a good mode of transportation.

Different transportation options are there for your trips. You can take a plane; go by car, bus, or even a train. If you are going on a long journey, it would be good if you pick train as a mode of transportation. Trains are absolutely comfortable. You can comfortably visit your destination by train.  There are different kinds of services out there in railways like irctc enquiry, toll-free numbers, and so on. You can avail these services to stay informed about everything.

Comparison between trains and planes

It is apparently true that planes are much faster than trains. Planes get you to a destination in a much less time. But it should not be neglected that planes are really expensive and cannot be afforded by everyone. Moreover, there are different trains out there that are really fast, and these superfast trains take you to the destination at a great speed. There are fast trains in India like Gatimaan Express, Shatabdi Express, Rajdhani Express, Duronto Express and so on. These trains have cut short the timing of long journeys. And their fare is quite reasonable as compared to plane tickets.

Then in a plane, for the first time flyers, the experience can be really exciting. But, in general, you don’t have much to experience from the window of a plane. You are surrounded by clouds, and there is hardly any beautiful view or landscape to witness. But when you are on a train, you get to see plenty of sites, landscapes and beautiful places, your train takes you through different tunnels, over bridges and amazing fields. You get to see so much of variety.  It is like a full-time entertainment. The good part is that every time you go by train, you get to see something beautiful, something different and something attractive. But, in a plane, it is mostly the same.

Finally, you have no room for stretching and walking. The point is that in long journeys by plane, your body gets stiff, and you feel like moving but you don’t have the space to move. You can just go to the washroom and that is all. But, in a train, if the body is aching because of constant sitting, you can simply roam around in the train. It would be a great way of easing up and relaxing. There are many people who take a walk in trains while they travel by it.


So, if you have always preferred planes over trains, you might have got a different perspective now, have you? And don’t forget these trains have coaches that are packed with luxuries and facilities.  You can pick a coach as per your budget and convenience.

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