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Travel credit card
By GAURAV KHANNA 1,663 views

The Best Travel Credit Card in India: 5 Reasons to Pick One

Travelling the world could be one of the greatest pleasures, be it a work trip or a vacation with the family. The better thing is experiencing world-class travel benefits offered by your credit card.

You may already have 2-3 credit cards, but if you frequently travel, getting the best travel credit card can go a long way in making your trip even more enjoyable. If you are unaware of the advantages of holding the best travel credit card, then read on!

Here’s why having the best travel credit card is a must

travel credit card

  • Grab air miles on transactions

Did you know spending thousands on your air ticket can also give you some benefits? Yes, your best travel credit card can give you many perks. Airfares can sometimes be costly as well as unpredictable. Hence, you should apply for credit card that offer you air miles every time you book a flight ticket. You can redeem the air miles for free flight ticket later. Thus, ensure to find out about the best travel credit card that will reward you with such benefits.

  • Complimentary airport lounge visits

If you fly frequently, it is suggested to apply for credit cards that can provide you with free or complimentary airport lounge access at domestic and international hubs. Thus, before opting for the best travel credit card the next time, ensure to ask your lender about the number of free airport lounge access. As a result, you can compare all such deals so that you may pick the best one suiting your travel needs. Some cards come with complimentary membership allowing you to access lounges globally.

Some leading credit card issuing companies can also shower with reward points when you sign up for their credit cards. You can use or redeem the reward points to grab exclusive deals and discounts including free air tickets. The Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard can offer you 20,000 reward points as a welcome bonus on sign up.

  • Concierge services

A concierge could be useful when you land at a new destination. They can assist you by doing multiple tasks such as making hotel and restaurant bookings, spa services, transport booking, local sightseeing, porter service and beyond. Check if your best travel credit card offers you such complimentary services at some destinations in association with hospitality networks.

  • Discounts at hotels

When you spend a particular amount on your credit card, the issuing company also offers some stay vouchers for hotels, majorly for luxury ones. Hence, instead of paying a higher amount on vacation, such vouchers can help you lessen your bill easily. What’s more, some leading and best travel credit cards also offer you membership to multiple hotel chains. As a result, you would be able to grab a minimum discount on your every visit.

  • Complimentary insurance

Did you know that some best travel credit cards also come with complimentary air accident covering your medical cost as well as compensation in death? Yes, that’s possible! Many best travel credit cards offer travel insurance on your trip for free or some conditions and even cover the cost of flight delays.

Other benefits of using a credit card at a glance

  1. Helps you use a higher credit limit

    Cash crunches and emergencies won’t come to you after giving you intimation in advance. Hence, you need to be financially prepared to tackle all such situations. A credit card can help you use the credit card limit as per your needs. You can pay after 40-50 days and don’t need to rush the repayments.

  2. The ease of paying in EMIs

    If you have made a higher value transaction on a credit card which you think can’t pay in a single billing cycle, then you can opt for EMI and pay over a tenor. This way, you can easily manage your monthly expenses while still clearing the credit card bill.

  3. Loan on credit card

    Majority of credit card companies offer you to avail a pre-approved loan on credit cards. Generally, it is the unutilized credit card limit that you can avail as a loan. You can pay such amount in EMIs and also manage the lower interest rate than other transactions on a credit card.
    Some of the reasons and advantages of choosing the best travel credit card and some general benefits are now discussed. You can apply for credit card as per your needs and make the most of it.

All that you have to do is share your basic details like your name and mobile number to unlock your pre-approved loan offers now.

Gaurav Khanna

Gaurav khanna is an experienced financial advisor, digital marketer and writer who is well known for his ability to predict market trends. You can find Gaurav on Linkedin