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Investor - George Schiaffino

What Are the Types of Investor Funding?

George Schiaffino

Is that the right time when you are looking for some fruitful investment for your future? Are you still unaware of different types of investor funding that could ensure you betters returning and save you from market risk Then, need not worry as George Schiaffino once again can help you in guiding some of the types of investor fundings? From his core experience as a real estate agent entrepreneur and helping you out to secure your strategy skills and turning you into a network marketing trainer.

So, these are the few points that are provided by George Schiaffino:

Money Market Funds

In case if you are looking for a complete guarantee return and that too in a short period of time than money market funds could be the most appropriate way of investment. These include investment in government bonds, treasury bills, bankers’ acceptances, commercial paper, and certificates, which offers lower potential returns.

Fixed Income Funds

Fixed income funds by its name ensure that it relates to fixing to return at a fixed rate. That decides by the type of bond you are going for investment. Here you have options to invest in government bonds, investment-grade corporate bonds, and high-yield corporate bonds. Sometimes in the case of corporate bonds, the investment might take the riskier sharp turn.

George Schiaffino

Equity Funds

According to George Schiaffino, equity funds relates to higher risk as compare to money market and fixed funds. As here you are putting your money in stocks. Obviously, they also have quick and higher rate of returning as well as the much shorter period of time. Here you have the wide range of options where you can go for the equity funding growth stock, value-cap stock, mid-cap stock and much more.

Balanced Funds

As the name suggests balanced funds. So to understand it better it is the combination of both fixed and equity income funds. In this case, your money is divided according to a specific formula into different investment types. Though it has the higher risk as of fixed income funds. But it also ensures less risk in case of pure equity funds.

Specialty Funds

Specialty funds deal with focus investments in the specific field such as real estate, commodities or socially responsible investing. These are mainly dealing with the promotion of that thing which are more ethical for the human being social society and many other aspects related to it.

These are the few types of investor funding that could help you to give a clear idea to know the different ways where you can invest and can get returning according to your need, by George Schiaffino.

George Schiaffino

George Schiaffino is the real estate mogul at Rebate Realty. He has worked for 40 years in the real estate and made over one million dollars listing. At the age of 24 he owned a successful real estate company with over 100 agents.