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Valentine’s Day Fun Facts

Valentine’s Day Fun Facts – 20 Surprising and Sweet Things to Know

Valentine’s Day is a special day to celebrate love and romance with your partner, friends, or family. But how much do you really know about this day? In this article, we will share with you 20 surprising and sweet things to know about Valentine’s Day.

Whether you are looking for some fun trivia to impress your date, or just want to learn more about this lovely day, you will find something new and fascinating in this article. So, get ready to discover some Valentine’s Day fun facts that will make you smile, laugh, and appreciate this day even more!

Valentine’s Day Fun Facts

Valentine’s Day first started in France

The origins of Valentine’s Day as a celebration of love can be traced back to France in the 1400s. It is believed that the first official observance of this holiday occurred in Paris.

This timing was chosen because both English and French cultures associated mid-February with birds’ mating season, making it an ideal time to celebrate romance. How romantic!

Every year, 145 million greeting cards are given for Valentine’s Day

According to data from Hallmark, an estimated 145 million greeting cards are exchanged annually for Valentine’s Day in the United States.

Additionally, a video from Homeschool Prep reports that globally, over 1 billion valentines are sent. This amounts to a significant consumption of paper and ink.

Around a quarter of people who have pets buy them gifts on Valentine’s Day

Interestingly, about 25% of pet owners also participate in this holiday by giving gifts to their beloved pets.

This shows that Valentine’s Day is not just limited to humans, but also extends to our furry and feathered companions such as dogs, cats, bunnies, and birds. How heartwarming!

The person who created candy hearts first made cough drops

During the 1800s, Oliver Chase, a pharmacist from Boston, developed a machine to simplify the production of lozenges.

This invention was later utilized to create heart-shaped candies with printed messages, known as candy hearts. A video is available for those interested in learning more about the manufacturing process of Sweethearts.

Every year, 8 billion conversation hearts are made

Annually, 8 billion conversation hearts are manufactured and feature classic romantic phrases such as “Be Mine,” “Cutie Pie,” and “I’m Yours.” However, in 2019, there were no conversation hearts produced due to the sale of the company responsible for making Sweethearts.

As a result, Valentine’s Day that year was without these iconic candies. Can you imagine Valentine’s Day without these candies?

People purchase more than 58 million pounds of chocolate and candy on Valentine’s Day

On Valentine’s Day, consumers purchase more than 58 million pounds of chocolate and candy. These sales include approximately 10% from heart-shaped boxes of chocolate.

This tradition dates back over 150 years, with the Cadbury company being credited for creating the first box of chocolates around 1850.

A decade later, they also introduced the first heart-shaped box of chocolates. Do you have a favorite type of chocolate?

Roses are the top choice for Valentine’s Day flowers

The Society of American Florists reports that roses are the predominant choice for Valentine’s Day flowers, with a total of 250 million being produced in 2019.

Red roses were the most popular color, accounting for 69% of sales, followed by pink, mixed, and white.

Roses also have different meanings depending on their color, such as yellow for friendship, pink for admiration, and white for purity. What color of roses do you prefer?

On Valentine’s Day, approximately 9 million marriage proposals are made

According to a survey by The Knot, this means that about one in four proposals in the US happened on Valentine’s Day, making it the most popular day to pop the question. It is also the second most popular day to tie the knot, after June 1.

Have you ever witnessed or experienced a Valentine’s Day proposal or wedding?

Lovebirds are actual birds

Lovebirds are a type of bird commonly known as Agapornis. They originate from Africa and are recognized for their close pair bonds and amorous actions.

The term “lovebirds” is also used to refer to a romantic couple. They often sit close together and preen each other’s feathers. How cute!

The first Valentine was sent from prison

The first Valentine was written by the Duke of Orleans while he was in prison in the 15th century. He sent a poem to his second wife, but couldn’t see her reaction because he was still in prison. It’s a sad story, but it shows how strong love can be.

Every year, many people write letters to Juliet (from Romeo and Juliet)

Every year, many people write letters to Juliet, the famous character from Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.

They send these letters to Verona, Italy where a group of volunteers known as the Juliet Club responds to them. Have you ever read or watched Romeo and Juliet? What did you think of it?

In Denmark, people send secret poems to their special someone on Valentine’s Day.

They present their significant others with white flowers known as snowdrops. These gifts are accompanied by gaekkebrev, humorous poems or rhymes inscribed on paper and signed with anonymous dots.

If the recipient successfully guesses the sender’s identity, they will receive an Easter egg later in the year. This tradition provides a lighthearted and enjoyable way to commemorate Valentine’s Day, wouldn’t you agree?

In Japan, women give chocolates to men on Valentine’s Day

In Japan, it is customary for women to give chocolates to men on Valentine’s Day, including not only their romantic partners but also colleagues and friends.

The chocolates are typically divided into two types: honmei-choco, which is intended for romantic partners, and giri-choco, which is given out of social obligation.

On March 14th, one month later, it is expected that men will reciprocate by giving gifts to women. This is called White Day, and the gifts are usually white, such as marshmallows, cookies, or jewelry. Do you like this tradition?

In South Korea, single people mourn their solitary status on Black Day

This is celebrated on April 14, exactly two months after Valentine’s Day. On this day, single people wear black clothes and eat black noodles called jajangmyeon.

They also complain about their lack of love life and hope to find a partner soon. Do you think this is a good way to cope with being single?

Cupid: Roman god of love

Cupid is a Roman god who is connected to Valentine’s Day. He is usually shown as a chubby baby with a bow and arrow. He is the child of Venus, the goddess of love, and he can make someone fall in love by shooting them with his arrows.

In Greek mythology, Cupid is also called Eros and looks more grown-up and attractive. We use Cupid as a symbol for Valentine’s Day because he represents the strong and magical force of love.

Verona, Italy, is a popular destination for Valentine’s Day

Many people choose to visit Verona, Italy for Valentine’s Day because it is where the famous love story of Romeo and Juliet takes place. Thousands of tourists come to see the balcony where Romeo and Juliet share their love.

They also leave love notes on the walls of the house where Juliet is said to have lived. However, the balcony and the house are not authentic, but rather tourist attractions created in the 20th century. Would you like to visit Verona someday?

Getting married on Valentine’s Day is allowed in every state in the U.S.

This is a trick question! No law prohibits people from getting married on Valentine’s Day in any state. However, some states may have different requirements and fees for obtaining a marriage license, which may affect the availability and convenience of getting married on this day.

For example, in Nevada, you can get a marriage license on the same day as your wedding, but in New York, you have to wait 24 hours after getting the license before you can get married.

Women buy about 85% of Valentine’s Day cards

According to the Greeting Card Association, women are more likely than men to buy cards for Valentine’s Day, as well as for other occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays.

Men usually purchase pricier gifts like jewelry, flowers, or chocolates.  Why do you think women buy more cards than men?

Roses are red, violets are blue …

This is the famous opening line of a poem that is often associated with Valentine’s Day. The poem is a parody of a verse from a 16th-century poem by Sir Edmund Spenser, which reads: “She bathed with roses red, and violets blew / And all the sweetest flowres, that in the forest grew.”

The parody version was first published in 1784 in a collection of nursery rhymes, and since then, many variations and adaptations have been made. Can you think of a funny or romantic way to finish the poem?

Six places in the U.S. have “Valentine” in their name

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, these are Valentine, Nebraska; Valentine, Texas; Valentine, Arizona; Valentine, Virginia; Valentines, Virginia; and Valentine Lakes, Minnesota.

Some of these places have special events or attractions for Valentine’s Day, such as the Valentine Post Office in Texas, which offers a special postmark for cards and letters sent on this day. Have you ever been to any of these places?

Bottom Line

We hope you enjoyed learning some Valentine’s Day fun facts that you can share with your loved ones. Whether you celebrate Valentine’s Day or not, we wish you a happy and loving day!

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