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Tony Henrik
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Various Real Estate Photography Equipment

Tony Henrik Halttunen

Are you looking for some of the latest photography equipment that could help you in your real estate business? Wish to enhance your picture quality to be marked as the professional photographer and a better grip in a market?

Here is various real estate photography equipment that explained by Tony Henrik that could help you to come up with better real estate photography. Thus to jingle on the heads of your competitors you can come up with this equipment to fulfill your demands of your customers:


If you are likely to buy a new camera for yourself, especially in the real estate photography. Then there is good news for you that could help you to save enough of your pocket expenditure. As compared to other photography niches in real estate photography do not require an over expensive camera that can successfully carry out your each requirement. The most crucial thing that you have to keep in mind is about IOS of your camera. As you never wish that your picture shoot either in the day or night may not lit up.


Another essential thing that you also have to consider while taking pictures of real estate site as the light source is essential. For perfect picture that could give the clear image of the property or estate to the customers. As there is not the continuous light source and perfect illuminated properties, thus making tripod absolute for professional photography. Not only has it helped you to take a late night photo shoot. But also help you to take adequate pictures.

Tony Henrik Halttunen

Angle Lenses

According to Tony Henrik Halttunen, the first measure that a professional photographer must consider is carrying out his work by wide angle lenses. By going with wider angle lenses one can show even a small thing bigger as well as help to emphasize the sense of depth. Also, determine the aperture of the camera that assures how wide a lens open when you take a picture.


You can find yourself in the great discussion. When it comes to making people perception using flash at the time of taking pictures or not using it at all for any cost. In such case, the best advice for one to take pictures for real estate photography. While using flash is going with off-camera flash along with wireless triggers.

Drone Camera

Also, if you are looking for the stellar property listing that you must consider pictures with help of exterior camera drone. To meet the latest marketing weapon for the real estate photography industry you have to come up with such possessions.

These were the few points provide by Tony Halttunen that help you to understand the latest real estate photography instrument you must use to turn up with best shots.

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