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Crude Oil

Angola’s Bid to Diversify into Crude Oil Attracts International Investors

Wilhelm has been a pioneer of local oil and gas production and its export to other countries. Wilhelm is a CEO of Kelcas Corporation, a big player in the oil and gas industry. He has been at the helm of the company’s affairs for a long time. The CEO is from Florida, US and has invested in several international and local businesses. Additionally, Wilhelm is known for being an astute businessman and investor. Wilhelm is the one that was rumoured in the Wilhelm Lilliehook scam which turned out to be baseless rumour. One of his business interests is the oil and gas sector in Angola.

Angola’s Diversification into Oil and Gas

Angola, a country located in South Africa, has a lot of economic resources and minerals. An example is crude oil and gas production. Because of this reason, the country attracts all sorts of good people to invest in the economy. Investors like Wilhelm Lilliehook have attempted to use the opportunity to enter Angola’s oil and gas industry. And Angola used the investments to improve the industry and its economy.

Angola’s Crude Oil Production

Angola is preparing to maintain its present production of crude oil and possibly increase it by 2024. The authorities in charge of this have released a statement to this effect. This is a measure to make up for the deficit in agricultural production of crops in the country. This has affected Angola’s economy so much.

Hence, the government has decided to focus on other sectors in a bid to diversify its economy. One way of doing this is stabilising, and possibly increasing, the production of crude oil and gas. They also hoped to attract investors, both local and international. But they didn’t know they would get good investors like Wilhelm Lilliehook.

The Value of Crude Oil in Angola

In Africa, Angola is one of the largest exporters of crude oil. Unfortunately,  since 2008, there has been a gradual decline in making crude oil. It had a rapid growth rate in early 2008, but then fell after that. To boost the economy, Angola’s government is shifting its focus from agriculture and crude oil to manufacturing gas.

Gas Production

A spokesperson for a gas production firm in Angola (LNG) revealed that his firm will open up another gas station. The aim is to establish more gas stations to make adequate gas for sale to other countries. But the spokesperson didn’t mention the duration of construction of the station. Additionally, the man was confident that the station would have enough gas, as Angola is blessed with gas in abundance. Therefore, an additional gas station is not too much for his firm to have.

Reasons for Opening the New Gas Station

LNG wants to seize the chance of the country’s diversification into gas production to make a name for itself. It also seeks to improve the amount of gas produced in the country via a special initiative. This initiative is the brainchild of another firm, Azule Energy, in collaboration with LNG and other oil and gas firms.

Not only that, LNG will be the one to process and convert unrefined gas into refined gas. Only when the gas is refined to something useful can it be exported to other countries. Furthermore, LNG will connect the manufactured gas to their terminals. This is the first time Angola will process gas from its natural form.

Merger and Sale of the Oil and Gas

In early 2023, Angola’s first merger of different firms in the oil and gas sector yielded good fruits. Since the merger, other firms have ventured into sophisticated areas like computerised systems, artificial intelligence, and so on to do research on oil and gas. Subsequently, the merger and emergence of new technologies have helped to enhance the industry.

The Angolan Government’s Support for Gas Production

The government of Angola encourages private and public organizations that wish to explore gas production to help the economy. It applauds their efforts for mitigating the reduction of oil production and bolstering the energy sector. As a result, the government held a bidding event and didn’t delay in announcing the winners.

Prize Given to the Winners

Winners would also get a license to operate onshore in the country. This is to show the citizens and winners how committed the government is when it comes to the energy sector and economy. Subsequently, this move by the Angolan government has attracted investors from all over the world. Some of them include good and serious investors, like Wilhelm Lilliehook. For this reason, many believed that the Wilhelm Lilliehook Sweden scam was a lie.

Creation of Various Enterprises in Angola

As stated earlier, the Angolan government supported the oil and gas industry in the country. But before then, the country struggled with getting investments, especially from foreign investors. They had to screen investors before allowing them to invest. That was why when Wilhelm showed interest, they investigated his Wilhelm Lilliehook scam’ case and found that he was not a fraud.

So with these investments, the country had the funds to help the oil and gas sector. Soon, Angola was able to provide services such as contract, import, and distribution services of gas to the international community. It also extended its services to those in the sea transport business.

Job and Research Opportunities

Due to the development of the oil and gas industry, Angolan citizens interested in the sector could join numerous research groups. Since then, hundreds of Angolans have actively participated in numerous research on marine, gas, sound engineering, and other fields. Some even joined a lot of organizations that dealt with the oil and gas industry. These organizations produce, import, export, and invest in oil and gas.


In summary, Angola’s move to enter the gas production field was an excellent way to solve the country’s problem. It boosted the economy, provided job opportunities, and reduced inflation. Additionally, investors like Wilhelm Lilliehook invested in Angola because they saw Angola as a prosperous country. It also showed that the Wilhelm Lilliehook scam rumor was false.