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By LARREN SMITH 1,181 views

Xtaix – The OnlyFans Star Who Is Taking Over TikTok

Xtaix is not your typical social media influencer. She is a 23-year-old content creator who has amassed over 10 million followers on OnlyFans, the subscription-based platform where she posts exclusive and explicit photos and videos for her fans. But she is not just an OnlyFans star; she is also a savvy entrepreneur, a podcast host, a singer, and a TikTok sensation. In this article, we will explore how Xtaix rose to fame, what makes her content so appealing, and how she balances her multiple roles and platforms.

Birth, Parents, and Education

In the digital landscape dominated by ephemeral trends, Taila Maddison, aka Xtaix, stands out as a 25-year-old Australian sensation. Born on March 8, 1998, in New South Wales, Australia, Taila’s journey from the halls of Catherine McAuley Westmead School to Macquarie University has been marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence.

Despite the scarcity of information about her parents, Taila’s enigmatic charm extends beyond her family circle. Two sisters accompany her in this journey of fame. Her educational journey reflects not just academic prowess but also a musical talent showcased through her captivating podcast.

Social Media Career

Taila Maddison’s metamorphosis into Xtaix mirrors the evolving landscape of social media stardom. Initially making waves as a WWEFE wrestler in 2019, she seamlessly transitioned into the digital realm in 2021, carving a niche for herself as an OnlyFans model and TikTok luminary.

Her online presence is a testament to her popularity, boasting over 47.2k followers on Instagram, 43.1k on Twitter, and a staggering 8000 on TikTok. The journey from the wrestling ring to the intimate confines of OnlyFans exemplifies Taila’s adaptability and resilience in the face of evolving career landscapes.


However, in 2022, Taila Maddison faced controversy when she discovered that her stepdad was one of her biggest subscribers on OnlyFans. She confronted him and reported him to the platform. She also claimed that her mother blamed her for her stepdad’s subscription and that their relationship was strained.

Taila Maddison has previously stated that her OnlyFans account caused problems in her mother’s marriage. The ensuing confrontation, narrated through a TikTok video, sheds light on the complex dynamics she faced within her family.

Recounting a subscriber’s obsessive behavior and a shocking revelation of familial ties, Taila’s story unfolds as a riveting narrative of personal turmoil and resilience. The fallout with her family, temporary estrangement, and eventual reconciliation form a compelling saga that adds layers to the persona of Xtaix.


In the midst of chaos, love emerged as a stabilizing force in Taila’s life. Her relationship with Tom, both her manager and boyfriend, is a testament to the fortitude of love in the face of scandal. Originating from their shared experiences on the set of WWEFE, their journey from friendship to a romantic alliance is a subplot that humanizes the digital diva.

As they collaborate on Taila’s OnlyFans content, the couple navigates the challenges of a public relationship, offering glimpses into their personal world. Taila’s intentional silence on past relationships and future plans amplifies the focus on her present pursuits, balancing an online career with psychology studies at Macquarie University.

Net Worth

The financial prowess of Xtaix is a matter of intrigue, with an estimated net worth soaring to $754,000 in 2023. The primary revenue stream emanates from her OnlyFans account, where subscribers eagerly pay $15 monthly for exclusive content. Beyond OnlyFans, her social media clout on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok adds to her financial empire, fueled by a past stint as a WWEFE wrestler.

Xtaix: Social Media


Xtaix has an Instagram account, @tailamaddison,withg 47.2K followers.


She also has an X account, @xxxtaix, and has 43.1Kfollowers. .She joined the platform in May 2022.


Her TikTok account goes by the name @xtaix58 and has 8578 followers and 201.5K likes.


She also has an account on Fansly, @xtaix, where she has 415 followers. She posts exclusive content for her subscribers.


Xtaix also has an OnlyFans account, @xtaix, where she has various plans for her subscribers to access her exclusive content. She has 589 photos and 38 videos posted on her OnlyFans profile


Taila Maddison co-hosts a podcast called Double Dose with her friend Annie Knight, where they discuss various topics related to women, such as breakups, sex, friendships, periods, body image, and more. This podcast can be found on Apple Podcasts.   Maddison has also been a guest on other podcasts, including Honeys Makin’ Money and Nighttime Talk With Niall Boylan.

She shares her experience of making a significant income through selling exclusive content on OnlyFans. In these interviews, she also reveals personal stories, such as discovering her stepfather was one of her top subscribers on OnlyFans and how she confronted him and reported him to the platform.

Bottom Line

In the ever-evolving landscape of social media, Xtaix, alias Taila Maddison, stands as a multifaceted personality. From wrestling rings to the intricacies of OnlyFans, she navigates controversies with resilience, showcasing the power of reinvention. As an entrepreneur, content creator, and podcast host, Xtaix continues to captivate audiences, leaving an indelible mark on the digital canvas. In the realm of influencers, her journey unfolds as a saga of triumph over adversity, a narrative that transcends the confines of pixels and screens.

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