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Victoria Jordan
By GRACIE HART 369 views

All About Victoria Jordan, Michael Jordan’s Daughter

Famous basketballer Michael Jordan is Victoria Jordan’s father and her four other siblings. Everybody knows about Michael who once graced the court with his awe-inspiring techniques. But few know about his children’s lives. Nine-year-old Victoria Jordan has a twin sister called Ysabel who is also the same age as her. Her mom is a Cuban-American supermodel and her American dad was once a basketballer.

This article will delve into the life of Victoria Jordan.

About Victoria Jordan’s Siblings

Michael Jordan fathered five kids, two boys, and three girls. Out of his five kids, two are twin sisters, namely Ysabel and Victoria Jordan. This means that Victoria has three older siblings and a younger sister. Her brothers’ names are Marcus and Jeffrey. While her sisters’ names are Jasmine and Ysabel. Despite having a basketball legend as their dad, Victoria, and her siblings choose career paths different from their father. They’re not interested in becoming an NBA legend, even though some of his children played basketball up to the college level. Also, people’s expectations of having Jordan’s children become NBA legends like him might have put pressure on them.

Victoria’s Brothers

Marcus and Jeffrey are Victoria’s older brothers and played basketball when they were in college. However, this was as far as both went in the field of basketball.

In 2019, Marcus established a store for high-end footwear. On the other hand, Jeffrey founded a business with a business partner a year later. Although Marcus and Jeffrey weren’t successful in their basketball careers, they achieved success in their respective businesses.

About Jasmine, Victoria’s Elder Sister

Jasmine is Jordan’s third child and first daughter. She is a private person and works in her dad’s company hence, why she is not in the limelight.

Victoria’s Twin

Ysabel is Victoria Jordan’s twin, and both have the same birthday. This means that both of them are nine years old.

Victoria Jordan’s Parents

Ysabel and Victoria’s mom is Yvette Prieto and their dad is Michael. Michael is an ex-NBA basketball player and a famous personality, while Yvette is a supermodel. As such, Victoria and her sister have been exposed to a glamorous world and a celebrity lifestyle.

Why Victoria and Her Twin Sisters Aren’t in the Limelight

Michael and Yvette are very protective of their children and their children’s privacy. So they do all they can to keep the kids out of the limelight. Furthermore, both parents try as much as possible to keep Victoria off social media and the paparazzi. They believe that she and her twin are not old enough to be exposed to social media. In addition, they want their kids to enjoy their childhood.

victoria jordan

However, no matter how hard they try, there are still snippets about Victoria and Ysabel’s lives on the internet. As a result, Michael and Yvette closely watch their children without neglecting their careers.

Many people speculated that Victoria might choose a field different from her father and mother’s.

About Victoria’s Father

Michael Jordan was renowned when he played in the professional league, something which will never be forgotten. His mark as an excellent NBA player has been unforgettable till now. This also includes his playing history and technique as a Chicago Bulls player. Upcoming basketballers hope to achieve what Michael Jordan has achieved. Ironically, even though two of Michael’s children played basketball till college, none followed in his footsteps. But that doesn’t mean they didn’t try.

For example, Jeffrey, Jordan’s first child, played in college for five years with little success. However, his brother Marcus was more successful in his basketball career while in college. Yet, both didn’t manage to get into professional basketball clubs. Therefore, the two decided to go into business and became businessmen.

How did Victoria’s Parents Meet?

Michael, Victoria’s dad, was once married to Juanita Vanoy for more than a decade. In 2002, the couple separated and finally parted ways years later. The marriage produced three children namely, Jeffrey, Marcus, and Jasmine.

After the divorce, Michael met Yvette Prieto who would later become Victoria and Ysabel’s mother. The duo got into a romantic relationship which led to a marriage in 2013, five years after they began to date.

Victoria’s Religion

Victoria’s parents practice Christianity, evidenced by the white wedding Michael had with Yvette. Hence, Victoria and her siblings are raised in a Christian household, and she follows her parents to church.

Victoria’s Profession

Victoria is unemployed and currently goes to school with her twin. Since her parents want to keep them private, Victoria and Ysabel are not involved in the entertainment industry.

Victoria Jordan’s Net Worth

Even though her parents are worth billions of dollars, Victoria doesn’t have a net worth. The reason is that she isn’t working, and neither is she a celebrity.


Victoria Jordan is the epitome of an American girl raised under the love and care of her parents. But what is unclear is whether Victoria will be interested in playing basketball. Or maybe she will play basketball till college like her brother and stop after college. Or she might continue as a basketball player.

Gracie Hart

Freelance Writer, Digital Marketer, and Content Writer