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Indian wedding gown
By LARREN SMITH 872 views

8 Best Indian Wedding Gowns for Brides

Wedding gowns are the perfect alternative for the classic lehenga, as it does give the royal lehenga vibe and, at the same time, are easy to manage and carry. Being comfortable on your wedding day is a priority. There are many options in colours, fabric, prints, and work to choose from. You can easily select a wedding gown that suits you the best. 

Best Indian wedding gowns for brides

Choosing Indian wedding gowns is the best pick this wedding season. They help enhance your curves and give you an outfit that suits your needs. This season considers buying a bridal wedding gown for yourself and feels more comfortable and secure. 

  • Ball gown dresses to steal the deal

Brides love having a look that makes them feel like a princess. A ball gown dress helps add flow and volume to your outfit. You can opt for classic colors such as red and maroon with a shimmery touch for extra sparkle in your outfit. Pair this with subtle makeup and an open hair look with some statement diamond or artificial jewelry to complete the look. 

  • Classic gold for the reception

The gold color is the best choice when selecting an outfit for the bride this wedding season. A classic gold Indian wedding gown with self-embroidery is the best pick. It is subtle yet classy in its way. You can pair this with a red-colored heavy dupatta and drape it as a veil to complete the look. This outfit will help you get a traditional look with a modern one, making it a tremendous mid-way deal. Rock the look with a glam eye look with bold lips.

  • Fishtail Indian wedding gowns for the bride

A fishtail designer wedding gown will help you get a structured look. It gives you accentuates your curves and adds definition to your outfit. Adding a fox fishtail helps you get a cape-like touch. You can find a fishtail wedding gown in various colors and prints. With a fishtail wedding gown, opt for an off-shoulder or boat neckline to give an edgy look.

  • Soft net-based wedding gown

If you are looking for an elegant and delicate piece, a soft net-based wedding gown is your best option. Select an embroidery that is small in size, with minute embellishments to get the right touch. With the right amount of can-can, you can also give or take this to be a princess gown. Complete the look with soft, glam makeup to get a subtle finish.

  • A digital print wedding gown for a modern-era look

This wedding season, digital prints are a hit. You get loads of prints, colours and design options to choose from to get the desired look. The benefit of choosing a digital print wedding gown is that you can select one as per your taste. You can have your pick regardless of whether you want a heavy, subtle, or dramatic look. If you are someone who is fond of ethnic and traditional wear, you can select a digitally printed wedding gown with elephants, horses, and even images of the bride and groom, which scream traditional. Customisation is also possible to make it the best Indian wedding gown.

  • Colourful mirrorwork is the hottest pick for a modern Indian wedding gown

This wedding season, brides are shopping their happy state by putting on brighter colors such as yellow, pink, and blue. Colorful outfits are perfect in case of a day wedding. Mirrorwork is another common trend this season. Heavy mirrorwork on the top, with a flowy colourful bottom, helps you get a mesmerizing wedding gown. Pair this with mirrorwork jewelry to get a breezy and chilled-out kind of look.

  • Get a subtle look with pastel designer Indian wedding gowns

Pastel colours are still in this wedding season. They are perfect for both an outdoor and an indoor event. Pastel colours such as lilac, baby pink, sky, and peach suit someone who loves to have a soft touch to their outfit. You can select a wedding gown with slight embroidery or a net cloth to make this more attractive. A subtle look, with soft finished makeup, will help you grab everyone’s attention.

  • A classic velvet traditional Indian wedding gown

The wedding season is during the winter season. Carrying around a shawl or sweater to keep you warm and cozy isn’t possible, especially when you are the bride. An amazing solution to this problem is putting on a velvet wedding gown. You can select shades such as maroon, red, and emerald green to give it a rich wedding look. A velvet outfit gives a heavy look; you need not worry about any embroidery or work on the outfit. For a heavy look, pair this with big earrings or a choker set with smokey eyes and nude lips. 


Wedding gowns are easy to carry and move around. They are comfortable and yet give you a bridal feel. Whether you are a subtle bride, a bold one, or a traditional one, there is a perfect wedding gown for each of you. If you want everyone at the wedding to remember you, shop Indian wedding gowns online from the various designs available and choose an outfit that is the one for you.

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