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By SUJAIN THOMAS 3,718 views

Matching Your Outfit to the Hat – Tips for the Active Girl

With hats no longer being common today, the only reason you would wear a hat would be to underline your style statement unless you are feeling cold and miserable. However, to make the best impact, you need to match your hat with your clothes. A guide to what you can wear with some classic hat styles:


Traditionally crafted from straw, a boater typically features a small to medium brim with a flat top and a short crown. You can decorate boaters with several kinds of embellishments like ribbons and feathers for a distinctive contemporary look. A boater is great for outdoor events like brunch with your girlfriends, so it is best with casual styling. You can pair it with a light summer dress and strappy sandals or even with shorts and a T-shirt combination. The adventurous can try wearing it with a kimono. If you are attending an occasion that is a little more serious, a boater can go very well with tailored pants and a button-up shirt.


It is a hard hat with a short brim of about a couple of inches featuring a high rounded crown. Made usually of felt, the bowler is a familiar sight to Charlie Chaplin fans the world over. Even though bowlers reached the height of their popularity in the 1900s, they are now making a comeback with the chic crowd favoring its formal and elegant appearance. Fun-loving girls can think of making a splash with a bowler hat paired with a fitted T-shirt under a sharp blazer and cigarette pants.


With its distinctive bell shape, the cloche is a close-fitting hat with a rounded top and gentle flare at the bottom. Available in several materials ranging from straw to wool, cloche hats are quickly becoming popular with the hip crowd. You can pair a cloche hat with a dress with fringes, sheer leggings, and flats. For a more contemporary look, you can wear a neutral-colored turtleneck and a pencil skirt. A versatile hat, you can wear a cloche with a pea coat and warm gloves when the weather turns cold.

Cowboy hat

A favorite with designers of brim hats for women, the cowboy hat with its turned-up wide brims and pinched crown is an American icon like no other. Traditionally, made from leather, you can get versions made in materials like straw and felt. All of them include a strap for keeping it secure when riding a horse. While wearing a cowboy hat to work would be an extreme step and raise eyebrows, it is ideal for a fun day out at a festival that has no restrictions on attire. You can think of wearing it not only with jeans and knee-high boots but also with high-waist denim shorts worn under a maxi kimono.


Made famous by Sherlock Holmes, the deerstalker is usually made from wool with a hounds-tooth or plaid pattern. The hat gets its unique look from its multiple panels with rounded sides with visors both in the front and the back. The deerstalker is best worn with trousers with a well-fitted blouse. Maintain a simple look with flats on your feet and nude makeup.

Floppy hat

The floppy hat with its ultra-wide brim is an age-old favorite, especially among those who want to look cool outdoors yet shade their faces from the burning sun. The hats made out of straw are ideal for tropical weather, while those using wool or felt are more comfortable in colder climates. Depending on where you are, you can wear a floppy hat to great effect if you are outdoors hitting the beach or enjoying an outdoor garden party. You can create a sensation by pairing it with a seductive one-piece and a light robe. Keep the accessories minimal and show off your feet with gladiator sandals. In colder weather, don a felt floppy hat with jeans, an oversized sweater, and knee-high boots in neutral colors to accentuate the chic look.


The name is derived from the shape of the small cylindrical boxes in which medicines used to be sold. The pillbox is a small hat with straight upright sides, no brim, and a flat crown. It was made popular by Jacqueline Kennedy, who would be rarely seen without one on her head. Uncommon but extremely feminine, the pillbox can be worn with a short-sleeved midi-length dress with a narrow waistline for a ladies’ tea party. If you prefer a more contemporary look, you can wear a sleeveless shift dress made more stunning with large sunglasses and red lipstick.


With the wide variety of hats available, both off-the-shelf and custom-designed, women have never had it so good. You can create a stir anywhere you are by pairing your hat appropriately with your outfit.

Sujain Thomas

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