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How to Layer Clothes in Summer to Look & Feel Cool

The summers are well on their way, bringing the heat with them. While it may feel like a t-shirt and shorts are the only way to go in these sweltering months, you actually have a lot of options. In addition, you can do a lot if you layer your clothes for more cohesive outfits. Layering might seem counterproductive in beating the heat, but if you do it the right way, you’ll get the perfect balance between aesthetics and practicality.

Layering your outfits doesn’t mean you simply wear a button-up over a t-shirt, with khaki pants completing the look. You can do a lot if you choose the right combination of fabrics, colors, and lengths. Furthermore, layered outfits are extremely convenient in places where temperatures tend to fluctuate over the day. Therefore, here’s how you can layer your clothes in the best way this summer.

Use a Variety of Lightweight Fabrics

Simple linen and cotton are not the only summer-appropriate fabrics around. There are numerous natural and synthetic fabrics out there that work perfectly for layering in the summer heat. Furthermore, if you use the same fabric in similar tones for your layers, it can give off a very clinical look.

Therefore, you should mix up the fabrics you’re wearing in different layers so that your outfit looks well-planned and gives off the right vibe.

Go for Summery Colors

The right color palette can really help take your summer outfit to the next level. When you go for layering, make sure you decide whether you want to go for a monochrome theme or want to add some contrast to your outfit. The classic summer pastels are the best route to take, but darker colors can work just as well.

Just make sure you stick to a cohesive color palette and do not end up wearing layers that clash with each other. On the other hand, do not wear the same color in every layer, as that will give a very bland look.

Layer Lengths Appropriately

This is the part where most people go wrong with their layering. You do not want to wear layers that go up and down unevenly. Either commit to a single length for your layers or go for a gradient. A single length would be hard to achieve, so it’s better to commit to a gradient.

Either go for shorter to longer layers from the inside or vice versa. Both options will work fine, but the former is the more elegant and classic one. You can wear this combination almost anywhere, and even if you remove a layer, your outfit won’t look incomplete.

Wear Looser Fits

Go for breezy fits when layering your clothes. If you go for tighter sleeves and fits, then the layers below them will create unattractive creases and bulges in your outfit. In addition, they will make you sweat more, and then trap that sweat. It is much better if you wear looser fits, which allow the layers to drape over each other more neatly.

Furthermore, you will feel much cooler if you have loose layers on rather than tighter fits. You’ll also be able to take your outer layers off more easily instead of awkwardly struggling out of your sleeves and tight collars.

Don’t Go for Structured Pieces

The summers are all about breezy looks which are easy to carry. Structured pieces break this cohesion and also look odd on top of several loose layers. Imagine, how wearing a shoulder-pad blazer over a loose linen shirt would look.

Instead, go for pieces that use lighter fabrics more organically. They will pull your outfit together in a much more summer-appropriate way. In addition, you’ll feel more at ease in the sweltering heat if you wear outfits that don’t restrict your movement in any way.

Watch Out for Visible Necklines

The problem with layering clothes is that a stray neckline or collar often ends up making the outfit look untidy. Therefore, you need to plan your layers properly and see whether each neckline sits at an appropriate level. This will help you avoid looking scruffy and feeling uncomfortable with random shirt collars poking into your layers and stifling you.

For example, if your outer layers have a round neck, a v-neck undershirt will be concealed under it. So, when you’re buying layers, do get varying necklines so that you can build layers up without visible collars showing up.

Wear Easily Removable Layers

This is particularly advisable in places where the temperature tends to vary considerably over the day. Make sure all your layers are presentable so that if you take something off, you won’t look untidy.

In addition, make sure they’re light enough for you to carry in your bag or tie around your waist if you want to take them off. If required, you can easily put them on again.

In conclusion, you can layer your clothes in the summer to feel cool and look elegant. You just have to do it in the right way, so that you remain fashionable and your style shows through.

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