A wedding is something that a girl starts to plan when she is 5 years old. She adores the dresses a bride wears on that day. She starts following the TV serials and movies where the latest trends are showcased. This is how the fabrication of the wedding dream begins. A wedding gown is the part and parcel of that dream. She dreams to be the most beautiful girl on that day. She starts scouting the best gown for the auspicious day.

If you are getting married, you will need to know the options first to avoid confusion and missing out on the best attires you might have liked. Here, you will find the right list of wedding gowns to start with. These designer gowns will give you the right idea to take the first step.

Best designer gowns for wedding

Getting married is no less than a fairy tale for a girl. The day should be an amazing start of a new life ahead. To make this day extra special, you will have to make a brilliant choice and look like a diva on that day.

Here the latest trends in the gown design that you can consider.

Turtle neck

turtle neck gowns

The turtle neck gown has a unique lacey design right on the neck base continuing to the bust. This portion is normally covered with beads, stones, nets, laces, etc. There are excellent choices in this segment, to begin with. The turtle neck design is an off-the-track choice for modern ladies who like to dress in a different way. In this collection, you will find A-line and other contemporary choices to start with.

Fishtail gown

fishtail gowns

This is not a new design that is currently trending but the latest features added to the contemporary items make them elegant. The fish gown is for the ladies who have a slender yet well-featured body type. The fish gown normally comes with a restricted periphery just above the knee. The periphery of the gown begins to increase exponentially right after the knee. It gives a fishtail like design that accentuates a lady’s body features. In most cases, these gowns come with a unique combination of fabric, colors, and embroidery.

Blouse traditional gown

blouse traditional gowns

Let us make some changes to the traditional wedding gown. Forget the full-stretched that begins from your neck till the toes. Break the continuation in the belly region and flaunt some skin. The gown is divided into a blouse and a flailing skirt-type bottom. Try the netted blouse design to reveal some skin and set the floor on fire. These designs come with the best color schemes and exclusive embroidery work. The bottom part of the dress starts right below the belly button.

Backless gown

backless gown

Make a sensual choice to make a bold entry on a special day. This is rather an elegant choice for all kinds of events. The backless gown is a timeless classic that will keep your wardrobe alive. The backless dress will be the perfect choice when you want to set an example. Go for the embellished and embroidered version with good color schemes.

Lehenga gowns

lehenga gown

Make way for the latest designer gowns for this season. You will find the most fascinating designs in this Indian wear section. The gowns have a perfect look that every Indian girl will admire to wear on a special event.  Go for the shimmered and sequin designs that will make you look like a diva.

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