Anamika Verma
Anamika Verma
Anamika Verma writes various types of tutorial related to finance and has a vast experience as a financial advisor. Her expertise on financial issues is well sought after and she is known for her in-depth knowledge topics such as loan, fund. house finance. She has written more than 1000 blogs on topics related to house, home, home improvement and much more. A post-graduate in finance management, Anamika loves to travel or cook in her free time.

Is Choosing Home Loan Prepayment A Wise Choice?

Pre-payment of home loans may seem like the most natural choice when one gets their hands on some additional funds. After all, who doesn’t like to get rid of financial liabilities as soon as possible? However, before you rush to...

Factors to Consider while Deciding the Home Loan Tenor

> Your current and anticipated disposable income should influence tenor > Shorter tenor increases EMI > Higher loan amount demands a longer loan tenor > Let your objective of taking the loan decide its tenor as well Loan tenor is...