Joe Camacho
Joe Camacho
With my 12 plus years of experience, in Consumer Services, Credit Education, & Credit Restoration, I know that I will be able to assist you in improving your credit rating by providing solutions. Combining my experience, with that of our staff attorneys, will allow my clients to have the peace of mind of knowing that they will be receiving unmatched services. Services at The Phenix Group include removing inaccurate items from credit reports, consumer services, and when necessary, assisting with establishing new lines of credit.

What to Do to Improve Credit Score

Your credit score is a number you should remember and track. Why? Because your ability to get credit for major purchases, like a car or a home, depends on having a good credit rating. Without a good credit score, you're...

Credit Scores and Home Loans: What You Need to Know

If you’re looking to buy a new home, chances are, you’re going to need a loan. However, since the mortgage crisis of 2008, lenders are more strict about to whom they lend money. Your credit score determines the likelihood of...