Carmina Natividad
Carmina Natividad
Author Bio: Carmina Natividad is a travel and lifestyle writer. Aside from taking vibrant street photos, you can find her writing articles about travel, food, and lifestyle.

Perk Me Up: 7 Best Cafes In Cork Ireland For Serious Coffee Connoisseurs 

Cork is hailed as Ireland’s food capital for a bunch of convincing reasons. This little gem of a city takes pride in its wide array of products, including crafted smoked fish, roast duck, and artisan farmhouse cheese. Cork is home...

An Introvert’s Guide to Dublin: 5 Best Things To Do In Dublin With Less Social Interaction

Dublin is known for its bustling nightlife, pub culture, and fun and sociable people. While this description sounds like great news to most visitors, introverts, who aren’t comfortable with mingling with strangers, might freak out.  Are you an introvert too? ...