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Trending Bathtubs Ontario – Bath Emporium

A good way to relax at home after a hard day at work or when you’re stressed up is to have a soothing soak in the bathtub. The warm water in the bath relaxes your muscles and makes you forget about your problem for a while. A good soak in the bathtub is also good if you have trouble sleeping. It relaxes your mind and gives you that warm, fuzzy feeling you need to invoke sleep.

A bath is as important as a medicine cabinet, kitchen cabinet, shower stall, and so on. While a kitchen cabinet can be installed under the sink or on a wall, a bathtub can only be installed on the bathroom floor close to the wall.

A luxurious bathroom is equipped with medicine cabinets, bathroom shower kits, bathroom appliances, and so on. It is important when employing bath installation service providers to choose the right bathtub that is suitable for your bathroom.

What makes a good Bathtub?

A bathtub is a long and sometimes wide ceramic, natural stone, plastic, or metal container that has a tap fixed to it to fill it up with water. After filling it up with water, you can lie or sit in it to take a bath and wash every part of your body. The service of a bath installation company is employed to install the bathtub in the bathroom or master bath with the accompanying bathroom shower kits. They also remodel existing bathtubs to suit your needs. Hence, it is important not to use medicine cabinets that take up lots of space in the bathroom to leave space for other bathroom fixtures. Except, if of course, your bathroom is wide enough to occupy all.

Things to consider when choosing a Bathtub–

  1. The material the tub is made of: Fiberglass tub is the cheapest, durable but porous and chips away easily because it absorbs water quickly. Porcelain material is durable and non-porous but the coating gets blemishes easily. Acrylic is non-porous and more durable than fiberglass. Ceramic comes in different sizes and styles but must be constantly maintained. Stone resin is non-porous and affordable but has limited size and shape. Cultured Marble retains heat very well, durable but very expensive. A copper bathtub holds heat extremely well, aesthetically brilliant, highly durable, no additional maintenance needed but very costly. Wood is aesthetically pleasing, rustic, and breaks down quickly therefore, it is not good for long-term use.
  2. The design of the bathtub: The style you prefer will be influenced by your bathroom space and the materials used. For example, you might choose one type of tub for your bathroom but it can also accommodate another style. Natural-made stone and copper bathtubs have specific styles.

Examples of Bathtub shapes–

  1. A Regular Tub: An example is the modern sleek-based claw foot bath and the traditional pegged-clawed claw foot both. The modern type takes less space while the traditional one takes more space, and it is longer.
  2. Japanese Style: It is circular and oval, taller, and more elegant than others. You can comfortably settle in and enjoy a good soak. It is an excellent choice for a spacious home or selects a portable one for a minor space.
  3. A Free-standing Tub: It is a famous style because it freely fits into any space without putting in an adjoining wall. It is cheaper and has a good aesthetic.
  4. Oval or Round Shape Design: It is spherical and proportional like a water basin. It is ideally utilized in portable residences and apartments with limited space.
  5. Angled Shape: This design is a bit distinct from other shapes because its slope is elevated on one side. This is to support your body while you take your bath. If you desire a flexible design that is more massive than ordinary baths, this type is an excellent choice.
  6. Alcove Tubs: As the name implies, these are installed with walls bonded together in recession while a side is completed. Like their oval-shaped counterparts, they are used in smaller houses or apartments because they occupy little space. They can also be integrated with a shower.
  7. Corner Tub: It has an identical shape and space capacity to the alcove tub, but it is bigger. They are used for relaxing and to give therapy.
  8. Drop-in or Under-mount: If your home has a deck or ingress, then you can install this tub underneath it. This gives your washroom a consistent look because of its hidden rim. You can fit each with a power jet or incorporate them with a shower. They conserve space and come in numerous styles.
  9. The Clawfoot Design: This style is the regular traditional layout that was common in those days and is still used today. It is a free-standing tub with four legs at the base.
  10. A Walk-inside Tub: It enables you to walk inside and settle down without falling. The crevices and holes at the insides give a walking grip with a handhold to give equilibrium. It is a wonderful choice for consumers who have elders or an invalid at home as they can bathe without help with this.
  11. A Whirlpool Styled Tub: It has self-contained water spray and air spray that caress the user’s body for health and leisure reasons. It works better than the others.

To cap it all, as a homeowner, select the appropriate bathtub that gives you comfort, and the style and size that complement your bathroom. Do not forget that the price must be in line with your budget.

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