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The perfect design for your kitchen – 5 tips to choose the best makeover option  

The kitchen is the heart of your house, and it’s the room where your day begins when you have coffee in the morning and the place where you end your day with a delicious dinner, and hang out with your loved ones often. Understandably, your cooking space is the most visited room, and big chances are that you can get easily bored with something you see that often. So, if you feel like your kitchen has become outdated and want to bring it into the modern world, it’s time to find the perfect design that fits your personality and ensures a timeless look. In this article, you can find the most popular design styles to get inspired from and some valuable tips to choose the best fit for you:

The most popular design styles

In the modern era, interior design has no specific rules; you can opt for a vintage look or a minimalistic aesthetic and still be on trend. That’s why you can find a variety of options so that you can choose the design style that fits your expectations. For instance, these are the most popular styles among home design enthusiasts:


A contemporary design allows you to play with a wide range of colors and opt for asymmetry to create a unique look. Still, it’s a design style of the new era, so you should integrate technology as much as possible, embracing the idea of a smart and modern kitchen.


An industrial design values form and functionality, and it’s usually the best option for big kitchens. This style focuses on metallic elements, spaciousness, exposed elements but simple décor, and dark colors in cool tones to make the room appear like an old factory in today’s era.


This style creates an inviting atmosphere thanks to the natural, woody elements combined with a color palette of multiple shades of brown, baby pink, light green, and blue to recall, in fact, the vintage vibe of the traditional houses from the 70s.


Not entirely rustic, but with some accents of the style, a farmhouse design can be a timeless choice for your kitchen. Antiquary is the main trait of a farmhouse style, together with warm shades of brown, checkerboard flooring, and, of course, lots of wood.


The minimalist aesthetic of the Nordic design is a perfect choice for a “less is more” look for your kitchen. A Scandinavian style has clean lines, a light color palette, sleek furniture, and big windows to let natural light in and make the room appear bigger and cleaner.

Tips to choose the best makeover option

All the popular designs we presented are stunning, so it can be hard to pick one. So, to help you make the right decision, here are 5 tips to choose the best makeover option for your kitchen:

Set a budget

As you might know, full makeovers come with some considerable costs. Still, if you don’t want to remodel your kitchen every year because of the damaged materials you chose, it’s essential to prioritize quality. So, the first thing you should consider to fit into your budget is the qualitative materials you need for doors, countertops, flooring, and cabinets. You should do some research to find the prices on the market for the materials that define the design styles you like the most. However, you should stick to the options you can afford, considering also the maintenance costs for more expensive materials like wood and quartz.

Consider your layout

If you are not happy with the dimensions and establishment of the furniture, your kitchen layout might need a refresh, too. So, consider if you like the idea of a U-shaped or L-shaped kitchen that works perfectly for a modern design or just want as a focal point a beautiful island that serves multiple purposes like a dining table and a minibar, which is the perfect fit for a traditional-looking space. Moreover, if you want to break down some walls to make your kitchen bigger, don’t forget to fit high-quality replacement kitchen doors that match the design you are looking for and ensure a timeless aesthetic and durability of these details that make a big difference.

Use reference pictures to visualize the styles

To have a clear overview of what would be the perfect design for your kitchen, consider using reference photos of the styles to visualize them integrated into your room. Moreover, it’s crucial to take into consideration the aesthetic of the rest of your house, because you want to create a pleasing visual experience when stepping from one room to another.

Choose your favorite color palette

As you might know, colors set the atmosphere of any room. So, to make sure you choose the best design for your kitchen, you must consider your personality transmitted through a color palette. For instance, if you are looking for joy and a positive vibe, you can embrace a farmhouse or rustic style that allows you to get creative and play with brighter colors. On the other hand, if you are looking for a modern and simple design with a neutral palette, the industrial and contemporary styles can serve your needs, providing you with the perfect features for elegance and minimalism.

 Consider the natural light

A crucial aspect of your cooking space you should consider to adopt the right design is natural lighting. Or, more precisely, how big are your windows, if you are willing to change them, and how the light enters your kitchen during the day. For instance, the Scandinavian design style promotes natural lighting through big windows to make the most of the sleek look of this modern layout.

The bottom line

Inspiration fosters creativity, so we hope this article inspires you to embrace a design for your kitchen that stands the test of time and makes you feel at home.

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