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Kitchen Decorations
By HELEN KERENZA 2,336 views

Top 10+ How to Decorate a Beautiful, Modern Kitchen 2021

Kitchen decoration is an important part of home design. Because this is the place to cook many delicious and nutritious dishes for each meal of the whole family and share family love through meals. 

Therefore, the decoration of the kitchen, the arrangement of furniture so that it is neat and scientific, is of great interest to many families. Let’s find out immediately TOP 10+ ways to decorate a beautiful, modern, trending kitchen in 2021 through the following article.

1. Choose a harmonious color for the kitchen space

Decorating the kitchen seems like a simple task that anyone can do. But in fact, not everyone knows how to decorate their kitchen eye-catching and modern. First, you need to choose the right main color tone for your kitchen. Color is an important factor that both helps reveal the owner’s personality and makes the kitchen more sophisticated and modern.

White: This is the most popular color when decorating the kitchen. White has a pure and elegant beauty, bringing a clean and tidy feeling to the room. In addition, with small kitchen spaces, white makes the space more airy and open.

Natural wood color: This color tone is quite popular in kitchen decor with its eye-catching and delicate beauty. Natural wood color brings a feeling of warmth and closeness to nature for the kitchen.

Neutral colors: Gentle neutral colors bring a sense of peace and lightness to the kitchen space. You can easily combine this color with many different ways of decorating the kitchen uniquely and impressively.

2. Kitchen decoration with white-black contrasting tones

White and black are two basic colors, popular today. Although there are contrasts, in general, this contrast brings a subtle highlight to the room space. No color, glossy, 2 contrasting colors white – black suitable for those who love elegance, luxury, and taste. Besides, decorating the kitchen with 2 main colors white – black will help the kitchen become more modern and unique.

3. Kitchen decoration with white walls

To make the kitchen space more open and airy, decorating the kitchen with white walls is a great suggestion. The elegant, gentle white color is easy to coordinate with other kitchen items such as dining tables and chairs, kitchen cabinets, decorative lights…

You can combine it with a rustic wooden kitchen floor that is close to nature or combine a contrasting element with a gray dining table and chair set to create outstanding accents for the space. In addition, white kitchen walls also help the kitchen look cleaner and neater, sparking your passion for food and cooking.

4. Kitchen decoration with natural materials

In modern kitchen design, kitchen items such as kitchen cabinets, dining tables, and chairs, kitchen shelves… are often made of natural wood with outstanding advantages such as:

  • High aesthetics: Natural wood has a luxurious, classic but no less modern beauty. Woodgrain is the main attraction of the material with different textures. Moreover, wood is a rustic material, not fussy to make the kitchen space more simple and cozy.
  • Various colors: Each type of wood has its own color. Pinewood is light brown. Oak has a darker brown color. Walnut wood has different tones such as yellow, brown, purple …
  • High durability: Natural wood is a highly durable material, less prone to warping and termites.

5. Modern dining table and chairs

For kitchens with a large area, you can use an extra set of dining tables and chairs to embellish the kitchen. Durable and modern industrial wood dining tables are a popular choice for many families. These kitchen furniture items not only help decorate the kitchen more modern, airy, and comfortable but also bring a cozy feeling for family meals.

6. Kitchen decorative shelves

The use of kitchen decorative shelves of the right size will help save space. If you have a lot of kitchen utensils such as cooking equipment, spices, then the kitchen shelves with a compact and beautiful design are a reasonable choice to help the kitchen be neat and clean.

You can use wall shelves or vertical shelves depending on the area and layout of the kitchen space. The color and style of the shelf depending on the needs and preferences of the homeowner. However, you should choose shelves with colors that match the main color tone of the kitchen, up to 2 different colors. This helps to keep the kitchen harmonious and natural.

Concealed shelves save space:

Unlike conventional kitchen shelves, recessed shelves help save optimal space for the kitchen. This type of kitchen shelf is quite suitable for small kitchens. With a unique wall-mounted design, the kitchen space will become more airy and harmonious.

7. Decorate the kitchen wall with modern picture frames

If you want to decorate the kitchen more vividly, try using picture frames on the wall. They will make the space more modern and cozy.

8. Use modern kitchen accessories

Modern kitchen decoration is indispensable for lovely kitchen accessories such as dry goods containers, dish trays… These items both help to keep kitchen utensils neat and orderly and create accents for the kitchen. In particular, you can equip dry goods containers to store all kinds of confectionery to welcome guests to your home.

The compact containers will help keep the quality of confectionery delicious and well preserved during use. Besides, using a simple and modern dish tray in addition to helping dishes dry quickly after washing, makes the kitchen space neater.

9. Kitchen decoration with minibar

Minibars will be an important “member” contributing to your kitchen decoration becoming more modern. The bar is a smart design. It has both aesthetic values and can be used as a dining space above, and an arrangement of kitchen accessories below.

Besides, for small kitchens but still want to have their own kitchen space and dining table area. The mini bar is the right choice to create a partition separating the kitchen into two areas.

10. Take advantage of natural light with kitchen windows

Natural light brings a positive and fresh feeling to the room. Not only that, but taking advantage of natural light also helps to make the kitchen more airy and open. Therefore, the kitchen should be installed with windows that will make the overall space more fresh and comfortable. However, there are different aspects that you need to keep in mind if you want to install windows to decorate your kitchen.

Door direction: East direction will be the right choice for catching the sunlight as well as avoiding strong winds blowing into the kitchen. Installing windows in this direction also helps to smooth out hot air flows during cooking.

Color, style: There are countless styles and colors of windows for you to choose from. You can choose a square, round or rectangular door frame depending on your preference. In terms of color, you should prioritize choosing colors that match the main color tone of the whole kitchen so that the space becomes harmonious.

Above are the TOP 10 ways to decorate a simple but beautiful and modern kitchen in 2021. Through the above article, hope you have given yourself some beautiful and modern kitchen design ideas for your family.

Helen Kerenza

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