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11 Benefits of Choosing Blackout Curtains for Homes

11 Benefits Of Choosing Blackout Curtains For Homes

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Blinds or curtains? Some people just love the play of light and dark that patterns on the walls give their room, while others prefer to block it out completely. Most often than not one person’s taste is completely opposite of another’s, but blackouts are a great compromise. They can offer some privacy by blocking out light whether you use them in your living room during the day or bedroom at night, plus help with noise pollution too. Here are 10 benefits of blackout curtains…

1. Block Out Light

Blackout curtains are the best way to block out light that is entering your room, so you can have a nice deep sleep. Because of their name, they also help with noise pollution by blocking out unwanted sounds from the outside. However, if blackout curtains aren’t enough for you and you feel like something more heavy-duty is needed, then consider getting a double layer of blinds which will be perfect for rooms like your bedroom or lounge where it’s important to make sure no light creeps in during the day or night.

2. Privacy

They help with privacy for those who need it; blackout curtains can prevent visibility through windows without compromising on light levels. This means you don’t have to worry about people seeing inside your home during the day or night. If you want to feel safe and at ease in your own home blackout curtains are perfect for you, especially if you live on a busy street where privacy is even more important.

3. Noise Reduction

To help with noise reduction especially during the night, heavy-duty blackout curtains are essential. Allowing no noise through them will allow you to sleep soundly without any disturbance from outside traffic noise or loud neighbours, which is especially good news for those people who live on busy streets where the sound of cars driving past all hours of the night can be frustratingly intrusive.

4. Cannot See Inside, Cannot Be Seen Outside

Privacy is an important aspect of most homes but sometimes it may not always be in your best interests to see in or out. With blackout curtains, you can make sure no one is able to look inside and you cannot be seen from outside, which is perfect if you don’t want to attract too much attention when in your living room in the middle of the day for example.

5. Sun Protection

During summer especially, blackout curtains provide great protection against heat and sunlight which means that it’s also possible for them to help lower air conditioning costs by blocking out excess heat during peak hours. This helps lower cooling bills by reducing the amount of air conditioning used during these times when the rooms are often at their hottest. So not only will your home be cooler but you’ll also save some money too!

6. Interior Design

Blackout curtains are also an effective idea if you want to showcase a decorative interior in your home. Whether it be through the use of fairy lights, lampshades or other accessories in your lounge or dining room, blackout curtains will help display them even better so it’s important to consider the combined effect they will have when making decisions about which ones to choose.

7. Lower Energy Costs

Lower energy costs is another major benefit of having blackout curtains because you won’t need as much air conditioning during hot weather and won’t get too warm without them. This means you can either turn down your air conditioner and save on electricity which makes sense if you’re trying to cut down on household bills or just be more environmentally friendly by using less energy overall.

8. Rearrange For Style

If you want to change the way your room looks and need some inspiration, blackout curtains can help with this too! Since they create such a dark environment within your home it means you can use them in conjunction with another interior design feature or accessory and then take them away again when required to showcase something else just as easily. It’s all about flexibility and making sure that nothing is permanent so if you’re ever stuck for ideas blackout curtains are always a dependable option.

9. Colour Choice

Blackout curtains come in a variety of different colours which means not only will they fit well with most other design aspects but also add balance and style to an otherwise dull room little thought has been put into how it looks overall. You can even choose different colours for your windows depending on the room but if you want to keep things simple then plain black will always give a chic and classy look which works well with most other colours, styles and trends so you needn’t worry about that.

10. Window Design

Another point worth considering before buying blackout curtains is the type of window they’ll be used for because sometimes this may not necessarily fit how it’s intended to be used. Curtains are directional which means they open from one side only so if you have both double doors at the front of your home as well as large bay windows each facing in opposite directions it means you can’t use one set of blackout curtains because they’d either be hanging down by your feet or getting in the way of the doors.

11. Curtains vs Drapes

Curtains are generally cheaper than drapes but blackout curtains are almost always considered to be a type of curtain because they’re used for these purposes, whereas drapes are often used as room dividers so function differently despite having similar appearances. But this isn’t always the case so it’s important to know what kind you want before buying one otherwise you may have wasted your money on something which isn’t good enough for your needs.

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