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Breastfeeding Weight Loss Tips
By NEHA SINGH 724 views

Breastfeeding Weight Loss Tips

As you have crossed all the stages of a beautiful pregnancy and now you are the mom of a newborn baby. The next thing that lingers on the mind of ladies and holds your attention is weight loss and to get back in shape.

The recent trends followed by celebrities have influenced many new mothers to start their weight loss journey and become the motivation for many. The weight loss challenge taken by many celebrities after the delivery of the baby has become a recent trend.

The post-pregnancy weight loss is not as easy as it is thought to be. It needs a sheer amount of dedication and determination with a hell lot of patience.

A regular balanced diet along with a regular exercise regime proves to help reduce the pounds.

Every new mother must have got a piece of advice from traditional mothers that breastfeeding is one of the effective weight loss tips. The majority of people believe it’s a myth that has been trending for ages. But the truth is, Yes it is one of the effective weight loss tips for mothers. It not only nourishes your baby but even helps in reducing the extra pounds which you have gained post-delivery. An adequate amount of milk supply from the body helps in cutting the extra kilos. But unfortunately, some women are not able to supply a sufficient amount of breastmilk which even leads to weight gain. In this blog, we have thrown light on a few breastfeeding weight loss tips, which include a proper breastfeeding diet, a regular exercise regime for breastfeeding & breastfeeding weight loss tips.

Stay hydrated

Keeping your body hydrated is one of the best breastfeeding weight loss tips. It becomes essential for you to stay hydrated when you are in a breastfeeding phase. Drinking plenty of water is considered good for overall health and is very important for breastfeeding moms. As everyone is well aware of the fact breastmilk constitute 80% water content. Drinking 12 cups of water per day helps in clearing and flushing out water weight. Avoiding the intake of sugary fluids is recommended if you are trying to lose some kilos.

An adequate amount of water content throughout the day helps your body to function properly while keeping circulation and digestion in check. It enables the production of a sufficient amount of breast milk in mothers of newborns and keeps the body free from environmental toxins.

When your body is hydrated, you feel fuller and it prevents you from overeating. Medical experts suggest drinking plenty of water to breastfeeding mothers.

Intake fruits and vegetables in your diet

 Fruits and vegetables show many benefits to the body as they are a rich source of vitamins and minerals. It helps in providing nourishment to the baby by ensuring an adequate amount of breast milk supply. Hence it becomes an important part of the breastfeeding diet.

Vitamins are even considered as a good source of roughage. Intake of essential vitamins helps in keeping your metabolism healthy and keep your body filled with essential water content. The liquid content in the body helps in healthy breast milk supply. It is highly advised to take a diet rich in vitamins and minerals during breastfeeding to maintain the balance. Fruits, vegetables, and healthy juices are some of the rich sources of vitamins, that help in giving your baby adequate nutrients.

Increase the intake of protein

New mothers need an ample amount of energy to deal with the baby throughout the day. After crossing all the stages of pregnancy and undergoing the labor, birth & post-pregnancy scares, you need high energy levels to be active and kindle with your baby. Including a protein-rich diet in your dietary plan helps in boosting your energy along with breastfeeding weight loss.

Include pulses, fish & eggs in your meals as they are a rich source of protein and help in increasing the breast milk supply.

Include healthy fats in your daily diet

When you are in breastfeeding face, including healthy fats to your dietary plan benefits you and your baby in enormous ways. It helps in increasing the breast milk supply which allows the baby to get sufficient nutrients and at the same time boost up the energy levels of the mother. Almonds, Walnuts, Hemp seeds, Chia seeds, Olives, Olive oil, Coconut oil, Avocados are some of the rich sources of healthy fats that can be included in the diet of the breastfeeding mother. Healthy fats provide the same energy levels as natural fats, but the health risk is comparatively much lower.  A diet rich in healthy fats reduces the urge of overeating while keeping you filled for a longer duration thereby speeding up your breastfeeding weight loss.

Practice light exercises

Without exercise, all your efforts of including a healthy diet in your dietary plan will go in haste. Exercising gives second thoughts to new moms as they think they are likely to exert some pressure on the body. But doctors suggest some light exercises that can be followed by breastfeeding moms without having to exert much pressure. Exercising is one of the best breastfeeding weight loss tips suggested by medical experts. Follow a regular exercise regime after consulting your doctor. It’s not necessary to lift weights to lose weight during breastfeeding, simple cardio, walking regularly, etc. is a low-impact exercise that helps in reducing weight without negatively affecting your body during breastfeeding.

Deep breathing with abdominal contractions is suggested by doctors to breastfeeding mothers. It can be done anywhere and is the simplest form of exercise which shows results within a few months. Pilates and Kegels have multiple benefits and are considered very good exercises for breastfeeding mothers. Kegels help in strengthening pelvic floor muscles is known as a magic exercise for new moms.

Patience, hard work, dedication & discipline is all that you require in your breastfeeding weight loss journey. Your body has undergone various changes, to be back in your clothes, little effort and a lot of patience is a must. Give your body time to recover and don’t hurry and exert pressure on your body by keeping expectations too high to get back in shape within a month. To reduce those extra kilos post-pregnancy maintaining a healthy well-balanced diet along with exercise helps you in achieving breastfeeding weight loss goals.

Neha Singh

I am a blogger and creative designer. I love reading and writing about the health-related article Like Pregnancy Lifestyle Advice and marketing industry.