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EMS Training
By JOE MAILLET 1,900 views

EMS Training Nutritional insights for optimal vitamin and Mineral Consumption

Nowadays we are more conscious and aware of the food and other supplements to consume than ever before.
True, healthy living trends are evolving and people are following them. Yet, we always have a feeling that something is missing and we need to add that missing element.

This is the natural instinct of human beings. On this occasion, we actually prepared some tips for you to get more clarity and understanding. No matter what your goal is, whether it’s a weight-loss, toning, building and activating muscles, eliminating back pain or else.
It all starts with the proper approach and analysis. Because our main goal is to add more health and nourishment to your body and mind.

As EMS training Dubai is highly intensive training, a balance of essential vitamins and minerals should be consumed during your journey.
These requirements can be ideally covered by eating a balanced diet with lots of vegetables and fruits, selected types of fish, meat, eggs as well as other foods rich in minerals and vitamins.

Normally, it is only necessary to eat nutritional supplements if the nutritional supply is low, but they can be useful for those with an unfavorable nutritional composition.

Pay attention to the intake of the following vitamins and minerals, in particular for those taking part in EMS training.

Vitamin B1 and B12 (nourishment for the nerves)

Vitamin B is well-known to nourish the nerves. It also helps to regulate metabolism. It is advisable to take on-board enough vitamin B so that metabolism can function at its optimum level and the nerves can receive a sufficient supply.
Good sources of Vitamin B-rich foods are vegetables, yeast, nuts, and fruits. It is difficult to cover the body’s need for vitamin B12 through vegetable products as it is mainly found in animal products. Foods rich in vitamin B12 are liver, fish, meat, and eggs, for example. In the case of vegans, the need for vitamin B12 can be partially covered by eating algae or ginger. It is important for a fully functioning nervous system.

Vitamin C – is important for the immune system, the regeneration of connective tissue, iron absorption, for an active immune system as well as activating the metabolism. Vitamin C is water-soluble and a sufficient quantity should be consumed daily. Good sources are acerola cherries, guava, blackcurrants, parsley, kale, broccoli, peppers, and kiwi.

Magnesium – is an essential mineral and sufficient quantities must be consumed daily. A good supply of magnesium can be consumed through natural products. Good sources of magnesium include mineral water, bananas, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds and nuts. Simply scatter a few sunflower seeds, sesame seeds or nuts over salads or fruit and a good supply of magnesium and Vitamin B as well as a Vitamin C is sorted.

Zinc – is one of the essential trace elements for a functioning metabolism. It is an integral part of a number of enzymes. Zinc plays a key role in the metabolism of sugar, fat, and protein and plays a particular role in the construction of body cells. The immune system, as well as many hormones, needs zinc in order to function correctly. In addition, Zinc promotes the immune system. Good sources of zinc are oyster, beef, nuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, mushrooms, seafood and certain kinds of green tea. The combination of Vitamin C-rich products has a positive effect on zinc uptake.

Iron – is responsible for the transport of oxygen and thus blood formation and performance. We have to consume iron on a daily basis as we cannot produce it ourselves. We also need iron to maintain mental performance. Iron has a particular influence on the transmission of signals between nerve cells which in turn is crucial for the transmission of signals between nerves and muscles. It is therefore important that people training with EMS consume a sufficient amount of iron. Iron is also involved in the synthesis of dopamine. Dopamine is a hormone responsible for mood, attention, sleep and motor activity and performance. Therefore, a lack of iron means that the enzyme responsible for a dopamine production does not work correctly; it leads to a dopamine deficit and subsequently deficit of attention, sleep problems and deterioration in motor activity. Those who exercise or practice a sport regularly as well as women need a higher quantity of iron.

For this very reason, it is important to advise EMS clients as to the importance of consuming a sufficient amount of iron-rich products. The absorption of iron in the body is significantly increased by consuming a sufficient amount of iron-rich products. The absorption of iron in the body can be significantly increased by consuming Vitamin C-rich foods at the same time. Iron-rich foods are liver, fish, meat, parsley, egg yolks, chanterelle mushrooms, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, beetroot, cress, dates, figs, nuts, and raisins. A supply of iron can be ensured by combining these products with Vitamin C-rich foods listed above.

We have actually more tips and suggestions on this very topic. Above we mentioned most needed ones in order to increase/add betterment to your body and results. Whether you are looking for weight-loss, toning, gaining and activating muscles, eliminating back pain and increasing overall fitness level, these tips will aid you in achieving and maintaining a healthy body so you can achieve your fitness goal faster.

Our aim is to add more health to your health, strength to your strength, life to your life.
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Joe Maillet

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