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build five a side football pitch
By JOE MAILLET 14,912 views

5 Things to Consider building a Five-a-Side Pitch

At one time if you wanted a five-a-side pitch you needed a large, grassed area generally with suitable turf. However, since the advent of artificial grass, it has become possible to build a five-a-side pitch anywhere irrespective of the surface, as long as you have enough space. This has made it much easier for schools and amateur football clubs to upgrade facilities and in fact, provide themselves with an extra income stream by hiring out the facility.

In fact, if you have a big enough back garden you could even construct your own five-a-side pitch where you can invite your mates round for a quick kick about and a few beers.

So, if you’ve got the space, and are thinking about building a five-a-side pitch, what sort of things do you need to take into consideration? We decided to look at some of the most important components of pitch construction and try to give you a rough estimate of what you can expect to pay…

How Much Room Will You Need

Although we are not talking about Wembley Stadium here, you still need a decent area for a five-a-side pitch. If you are unsure of the exact measurements think about maybe the size of a tennis court for the playing area, and you won’t be far away.

However, if it is going to be a facility used by your club members, pupils at schools and colleges you will probably want fences around the pitch and possibly even floodlights, so you will need a lot more space. Before starting any build ensure that you plan it properly and that you check the dimensions as the failure to do so could be an expensive mistake.

What Kind of Surface is Best for You

In the UK, the weather can at times make it difficult to play football on natural grass, despite the fact that football was designed to be played on it. That is why artificial grass surfaces have tended to become the norm when it comes to five-a-side pitches. This is because artificial grass is a surface that allows you to play on it no matter how bad the weather gets without causing any damage.

Let’s face it, what is the point of building a five-a-side pitch that you can’t use half of the time because it is flooded or ankle-deep in mud. This is even more important if you intend to use the five-a-side pitch you are building as a commercial enterprise, as when it is closed it is costing you money.  Another major benefit of artificial grass is that it is much easier to maintain.


While jumpers for goalposts is a romantic notion, especially among the older generation it’s not really feasible as a long-term option. Let’s face it there is nothing better as a footballer than seeing the net bulge when you hit that once-a-season screamer. However, goal posts can be expensive and as such should be factored into your original budget.

Use the internet to shop around to get the best price, however, we would always advise that you get decent quality goalposts as it can end up being more expensive continually replacing badly made ones.

Pitch Markings and Surrounds

Installing kickboards around the pitch can make life easier for all concerned as they stop you from having to run after the ball every time it goes out of play. You can achieve the same result with decent fencing. Good pitch surrounds allow the ball to remain in play almost continually, although we appreciate this may not be seen as a benefit to the less fit amongst us.

Always use proper pitch marking equipment to put lines on your surface as they will not only last longer but look much more professional.

It Could Be Worth Installing Floodlights

This is really dependent on how you see your pitch being used. For example, if you are a school that only envisages using the facility during normal school hours then probably not. However, if you are a sports club it is likely most of your training will be in the evening, so floodlights are probably essential, especially during the dark winter months.

The same goes for anyone wanting to use their pitch as a commercial enterprise as evenings are likely to be the most lucrative time when it comes to renting out your pitch.

We hope this helps

Hopefully, some of the information we have provided will help you make the correct choices when it comes to your five-a-side pitch. In terms of cost, if you are looking for an artificial surface with lights, it will probably cost you north of £30,000, but if it can bring in the income you want while enhancing your current facilities it will be money well spent.



Joe Maillet

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