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5 Reasons Why People Love Football Game?

I love! You love! We all love football game. And the reasons are many. For instance, a football game not only gives various health benefits but also teaches you how to be sociable and united. Different people have different reasons for loving football game. While some take it as a hobby, playing this game is a passion for some people.

Let’s explore a few good reasons why people love football game with Abdul Hadi Mohamed Fares.


Football is a game that brings people, friends, and family closer. So many relationships fade with time due to different priorities and choices. But when it comes to watching favorite sport and that is football, everyone comes closer and cheer their favorite team together.

Super Bowl

Super Bowl party is for those guys or girls who already know which teams are playing. Those people who need to ask which teams are playing are actually the worst. So, it is better if you are not from those people. You can watch a few games during the season. The Super Bowl has become so popular as any other sporting event. People actually consider it as a national holiday.


If you go to the stadium, you are not getting there only to sit and watch a match. Most of the people love to sit outside the venue for hours with their people. They hang out and cook some food as well. At some stadiums, including Arrowhead or Lambeau Field, the tailgating experience is a must for every fan. In short, the game starts only after partying for a few hours before the game.

Hard hits

No doubt safety is one of the most important things to consider while playing football. Everyone still loves a good, clean, and massive hit from a hard-charging free safety. It gives Goosebumps when you see your favorite player hitting in full aggression and passion. However, when the game is tough, it becomes difficult to hit hard, and this when a player needs to use different techniques. In the end, hard hits only possible for those players who are trained by an experienced coach.

On Schedule

When it comes to a football game, the season doesn’t matter. Even if there is rain, the show will go on. In this game, there is no such thing as rescheduling.  Whether a game is scheduled for Monday or Thursday, the game will happen on the decided date, no matter what.

Final Words

According to Abdul Hadi Mohamed Fares, these are the few good reasons why people like a football game. The game becomes perfect when players enter the stadium with full enthusiasm and passion. As we said above different people have different reasons to love this legends game. So if you think we have missed any reason that should be mention in this list, feel free to share with us. You can write to us below in the comment box.

Abdul Hadi Mohamed Fares

Abdul Hadi Mohamed Fares is a well-known name in the sports industry in Brazil. He is a former player and a football coach who helped many individuals to pursue their dream as a successful footballer. Abdul Hadi Mohamed Fares has had a long and amazing coaching career and is considered to be one of the most successful coaches in Brazil.

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