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Abdul Hadi Mohamed Fares football game

Abdul Hadi Mohamed Fares | 5 Tips To Improve Football Game

To succeed in any field, one should always have a mentor, guide, or coach in life who can help in improving skills and knowledge. When we talk about sports, it is not easy to become a professional player, it takes a lot of practice, hard work, and dedication. And this is why it is essential for a sports player to have an excellent coach who can improve his game.

Let’s explore a few good tips that a football player must implement to improve his game with the expert coach Abdul Hadi Mohamed Fares.

Control and dribbling techniques

Needless to say, the technique is the most necessary element to succeed in a football game. Even an amateur football player also knows that you cannot win a game with poor techniques. From good ball control to dribble through an opponent, a player should master game techniques and skills. When we talk about ball control, it is actually an ability to control a ball by using all parts of the body, including chest, legs, feet, and head. And when it comes to dribbling skills, it is basically the ability of a player to move up and down the pitch while maintaining the control over the ball. These skills are vital for a player to learn in order to succeed in the game.

Tactical knowledge

In simple words, tactical knowledge means having knowledge about the nature and the structure of the game. According to Abdul Hadi Mohamed Fares, if you want to succeed in a football game, you must know how to use tactics and strategies. Tactically intelligent players know when to wait for the right moment to attack. Even they sometimes create the moment to attack. Tactical knowledge is basically vital for center backs and central midfielders as these not only able to visualize the entire pitch but also able to communicate with their teammates.

Physical fitness

Physical fitness is an essential element for a sports player to succeed in a game. In a football game, footballer needs balance and strength to defend the ball at their feet, to shoot, to Passat long distances, etc. Also, everybody knows that midfielders need to run for an average of over 11 km per match. In fact, wingers run with high intensity on an average of 150 sprints with a speed of around 75 percent per match. As we all know, a football match lasts for 90-95 minutes, therefore, to lead in such game, a player needs physical fitness and strength.

Ability to assess risk

Most times due to the pressure in game players get aggressive and make the wrong decision which leads to loss of possession. Even sometimes fail to regain possession while diving or tackling in defense. Eventually, when a team loses possession, each and every team player need to put extra energy and efforts to regain control of the ball once again. Even in most cases, due to the aggressive decision team becomes unable to deliver excellent performance in the match. Therefore, intelligent players always assess the risk and make the decision on the pitch carefully. No doubt tactical knowledge and spatial awareness are hard skills, but these skills can lead a player in making a smart, intelligent, and fast decision.

Learn from the coach

As we mentioned in the beginning, no player can succeed if he doesn’t have a mentor or a coach. However, most players do not feel the need for the coach as they believe they are excellent in the game. Even sometimes a player simply refuses the decision of the coach during the game as he may feel the decision of the coach was unfair. According to Abdul Hadi Mohamed Fares, it doesn’t matter how talented a player is, he should have the willingness to learn from the coach. The team only should follow instructions and learn tactic from a coach but also take and accept feedback from him without getting defensive. In the end, continuous learning and practice make all the difference.

Final Words

No matter how talented or expert you are in a game, competing is a tough job, and to succeed in the game everyone needs continuous improvement. Therefore, these are a few good tips that you must follow to improve your game and deliver excellent performance.

Abdul Hadi Mohamed Fares

Abdul Hadi Mohamed Fares is a well-known name in the sports industry in Brazil. He is a former player and a football coach who helped many individuals to pursue their dream as a successful footballer. Abdul Hadi Mohamed Fares has had a long and amazing coaching career and is considered to be one of the most successful coaches in Brazil.