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By MONIKA GUPTA 1,522 views

Explore the City of Dreams on Bikes or Scooty, Your Thrill will be Doubled

Going on a two-wheeler such as taking a bike on rent in Mumbai is the best option. The best part is to ensure the bike taken on rent is in good condition or else you will spend more time than public transport. There are plenty of sites offering bikes on rent and people who come visiting Mumbai also find it convenient to take bikes on rent. The biggest advantage is the Google Maps and having a vehicle means you need not waste time anywhere and can save a lot. The bikes in India can be rented on daily, hourly, weekly or also for monthly basis.

A few important things to know

Considering a bike on rent in Mumbai is a wise decision. However, this is possible as you will have lots of choices available on rent and the prices vary depending on the bike quality and model. there is a need for you to visit the bike rental location to pick the choice of bike you need.

There is a need to submit the Driving License copy and your Original ID. It is a must to book a bike on rent. However, the fuel for the bike does not come with the rental amount and so you must bear the expenses. A security deposit is charged for renting a bike. Again, it is based on bike type and location. The security amount will be returned to you when you give the bike back. Availing bikes for longer terms work out cheaper.

Why Scooty?

You can find many places offering Scooty on rent in Mumbai in the nearby surroundings. You may find men also prefer riding Scooty, especially after marriage. The reasons are:

  • Comfortable ride: A man with his family on the road in India finds Scooty comfortable to ride. There is no need to change gears frequently. Besides, you can halt the Scooty anywhere immediately. There are no worries about the clutch and your legs are free to have control and the brakes are in the control of your hand.
  • Easy handling: Married men have more responsibilities to handle than single men who roam freely. The married men can bring groceries, vegetables, and fruits and place them in between their legs in the Scooty front side space provided. Thus, it ensures easy handling and the work is done with ease.

Wandering in Mumbai is not easy. The City of Dreams cannot be done walking. Hiring a cab is not as easy as you have to reach a place in a short time. Thus, considering a Scooty on rent in Mumbai is the ideal option. Mumbai receives tourists always and taking a two-wheeler and enjoying the speed on the Mumbai lanes is thrilling. Going on your bike or Scooty, ensure to wear the helmet and to follow the road rules, so that you are safe to go zooming around.  Boys can go for power bikes and enjoy the appeal of the muscle bikes, while others can consider the Scooty that also is the easiest to drive even in busy hours.

Monika Gupta

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