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Driving apps
By JOE MAILLET 3,105 views

Best Driving Apps for your Teen

It’s never easy for parents to watch their children grow up, and it’s definitely hard to watch them doing dangerous, adult things, like driving a car. You may be comfortable behind the wheel and feel 100% safe on your own, but still be convinced that your children are going to die as soon as they get into a car (even when you know they are good drivers, only inexperienced). What you mainly need is some time to get used to the idea, but there are some apps that may help both you and your teens during their first days as drivers:

1. FixdApp   

The first time when your car breaks down is always traumatizing. The second and the third probably as well, especially when all the feedback your car gives you is something like p0011 code. This app will make sure that your children know what’s wrong and what they should do, whether it’s easy enough for them to fix or they should call for help.

2. AT&T DriveMode 

There’s a lot of talking about teens talking over the phone or even texting while driving. This is extremely dangerous, not only to them but also to other people on the road. This app turns off all notifications whenever a person is driving at least 15 MPH. There aren’t any text messages or calls, and the app automatically sends an auto-response. It will put your mind at ease.

3. DriveSmart

When a young person gets a driver’s license, it doesn’t mean they have all the necessary skills and knowledge. This app will provide your children with accurate feedback after each of their trips so that they can see their overall performance and if there’s still a need to work on something.

4. TrueMotion Family Safe Driving

This is a good option for the first weeks or months. It will allow you to track your children’s trips and driving habits, to see if they need help with something or maybe they lack some knowledge. You can also set your own settings, like the allowed itineraries and speed limits for your kid, and even the time when they need to come back home

5. Life360

This is one of the most often recommended apps for teen drivers and their anxious parents. It includes real-time tracking and location history for your child, which will allow you to help improve their driving skills, as you will have all the necessary data to provide your kid with relevant feedback. This app also has a section to teach a young driver some road rules and help them deal with car problems and emergencies.

To know (or teach) more about what to do in case of car troubles, check out this infographic:

car breakdown


Joe Maillet

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