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marketing strategy

Tips for Creating A Content Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing determines the success of your online business. It means you create useful content to attract specific visitors to your site. Content Marketing Strategy is a marketing technique that is concentrated on the distribution of useful, pertinent, and constant content. “This content is meant to entice and keep a specific audience and generate income in the long run” explained, Sam Kahn Manchester resident, and an experienced publisher for over 5 years.

Here are some questions you should ask yourself about your blog:

  1. How many visitors visit your site and stay connected to it?
  2. Do these visitors sign up for your mailing list?
  3. Do they visit your site more than once?
  4. Do the visitors leave remarks after visiting?
  5. Do they follow your directions?

If the answer to these five questions is a no, then you need to read Samuel Nathan Kahn’s content marketing strategy tips and tricks.

Why do you want to create content for your blog?

Before you start writing content for your blog, I would advise you to ask yourself why you want to write the content? For example, the reason why I wrote Samuel Kahn’s content marketing strategy is to enrich readers with content marketing knowledge.

If you can’t answer this question, it will not be easy to have a plan for your blog to be successful. Let your content be useful to your readers.

Do findings on those you want to reach (The audience)

Know the type of people you want to reach with your blog. Who are those you want to write for? What type of people do you want to buy your products and services. For instance, if your passion lies in health, you can write articles on healthcare, wellbeing, health products, and many more. Always do adequate research before writing any subjects in any field. It defines writing goals and keeps them rooted in the goals. Writing without any specific goals and directions will make your blog disorganized and repel visitors. 

It is bad form to ask people in forums about topics you should write about. The best way is to get an understanding of your potential readers. Your targeted content will help them during the purchase of your products.

Keyword Findings

Make findings of recent trends. When you want to write new content, go online to look for the latest topic people are talking about which you know of. Search on Google, YouTube, and social media platforms. It shows seriousness as a content creator. It gives writing a sense of purpose. Anytime you do keyword research, check precisely what your visitors are looking for. It has added value to my blog and catered to my specific audience. This is a great content marketing strategy that will help your blog in having repeat visitors.

Make sure you use long-tail keywords in your content to optimize your blog. Keywords help to improve the visibility of your blog and it will reach a wider audience. Long keywords have little competition and a little search percentage. You need to strategically place relevant keywords in your content to satisfy the user’s curiosity.

Quality Content

Do not joke with the quality of your content. “I have built a reputation for myself as an excellent content marketer,” says Sam Kahn Manchester.

Does your blog give relevant information or answers to users’ inquiries? How helpful are your articles? Always put your audience first because your content is meant for them, not for you.

To summarize it all, write content that is beneficial consistently according to your customers’ needs.

Build a trusting relationship with your readers by giving them what they need and want. Keep them attracted to your blog so they can visit again.

Sam Kahn Manchester

Hi, I am Sam Kahn, a well known writer. I live in Manchester and commonly known as Sam Kahn Manchester and have a more than 7 years experience as a writer.