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Great Content

Beginners Guide To Create Great Content

Writing great content is not a day job. It takes commitment, practice, and passion. As a writer who has been working in the field for seven years, many people often ask me questions like, Samuel Nathan Kahn how do you keep your head up? My answer has always been the same. I love what I do, and I am committed to it. 

Let’s face it! In this age of digital marketing, engaging your customers with quality and great content that keeps your business in their minds is the most important thing. Customers often lookout for more information about your brand when you promote your product or services, and there are countless ways to give them genuine content. From blogs to reviews, eBooks, the list is limitless. It may feel like a few shares and likes, but it is the foundation of building loyal readers who will fall in love with your brand and understand what you stand for. 

To be an incredible blogger, you need to know what your target audience found attractive and what they want to read about. Do your research and build their trust by writing high-quality content. I Samuel Kahn has have also been in your shoes several years ago therefore, I understand how difficult all these might look. But do not fret because it is achievable. You just need to be determined and have the right guide. 

Hence, here is a beginners guide to create great content.

Know the bandwagon

One of the best ways to create great content by content writers is by knowing what your target audience is talking about. Hop on the existing conversation and people will naturally want to know what your opinion is. This will make them read your blog and also drop their comment. These in turn increase your audience engagement. To get started, you can search on Google Trend. It shows you your target audience interest over time through topics and queries. These help you figure out what topic they are interested in and how engaging it is. 

Do your research

Research is the bedrock of every great content. It gives you facts and authority to write about something important. These improve your writing skills and give you the confidence to keep writing. Good content also reduces negation to relevant and helpful information which is great for your readers. 

Research helps you discover a pool of relevant topics that have not hit the mainstream. This gives you valuable information to start digging around for your content ideas. You get to know relevant information in your niche which you can use to create great content and also inspire your readers. 

Use attractive titles

Many people shop for magazines and newspapers after reading their headlines. No one will purchase it if the headlines aren’t important or convincing. Likewise on the internet. Folks will not click on your blog if the title is not fascinating. Your title draws attention and prompts readers to click on your hyperlinks when they are searching on Google. They will be curious and want to know what you are talking about. 

Engage your audience 

Nobody wants to spend their time reading boring content. When your content lacks engagement, its rank drops in search engine marketing. To create engaging content, the content title and subheading must be spot on and attractive. The first paragraph must be short but descriptive and enticing. You can also make use of quotes to make it more interesting. Note: An engaging content always drives traffic to your website and increases its rank on the Google search engine.

Listen out to my podcast Samuel Nathan Kahn if you want to know more about writing. I have compiled some other tips and information to get you going. 

Samuel Nathan Kahn

Samuel Nathan Kahn is a well known writer, publisher in UK working in the field for 7 years. He had worked so well in the field and earned a lot of followers.