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Hima Das
By ADA BENTON 1,507 views

Daughters Shining the Name of India on Global Platform

Our daughters have never disappointed us whenever they have been given chance and the nation put their faith on them. Be it with our Indian women’s cricket team, Hockey, or running sensation Hima Das. Hima has stunned the nation winning 5 gold medals in the last 20 days.

Once again, we have proof in front of us that our Nation is filled with talent in its remotest parts. And these are the ones who are not dependent on any protein pills or supplements or any routine. With plain rice and pulses, this talented lot have braved tough conditions while growing up and reached at a global platform on the basis of sheer grit and passion. In fact, this is what Baba Ram Rahim Ji has done with the local youngsters of Punjab and Haryana. Where these would have got lost in the garb of drugs and intoxicants, Saint Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji has set up the world-class infrastructure and redirected their energy into Games and sports. The result we have dozens of medals in each sport at both the national and international level. Yoga, Roller Skating Hockey, even our junior cricket and hockey teams have players from Shah Satnam Ji Schools, trained under Baba Ram Rahim Ji himself.

Hima Das Champion

India shines in the Czech Republic

India’s star runner, Hima Das, on the other hand, has won the gold medal in the 400-meter race while continuing her hunt for Gold. This was also the fifth gold medal for Hima in this year’s international competition. She finished the race in 52.09 seconds in the 400m competition here. This is her second-best time. Her personal best time, on the other hand, is 50.79 securing which she had achieved during the Asian Games held last year. After winning the fifth gold medal, 19-year-old Hima tweeted, “Keeping the first place in the 400-meter race in the Czech Republic, finish the race.” Earlier, on July 2 this month, she had won her first gold medal in the Pojan Grand Prix in Poland, while in Poland on July 7, she got the first place in the karat athletics meat, and the second on July 13.

The third one was in the Republican athletics meet in the Republic and she had won her fourth gold medal at the 17th July Tableau athletics meet. Hima Das had won the first four medals in 200 meters and the fifth one being in the 400-meter race is a fabulous run of medals. She is an inspiration to thousands of girls in her homeland in Assam and millions in the Nation.

Daughters are no longer considered the liability in this part of the world

Baba Ram Rahim Ji has given special emphasis on the daughters so they too can enhance their confidence levels and participate in various sports to give the message of self-reliance and targeting the menace female foeticide. And the number of medals that the daughters at Shah Satnam Ji institutions have produced is a testimony to the fact that daughters too can raise the pride of their families as Guru Ji says. Besides, this has also helped in reducing the gap in male to female ratio thus giving confidence to the parents that they can be giving birth to daughters is not a losing proposal as they used to think.

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