Some interesting Questions from Eric Goldie Interview

Eric Goldie the popular name in the fashion and media industry has come up with new and different trends nowadays. We got to know answers to some interesting questions from Eric Goldie in this interview.

Que: What was your favorite scene from last season?

Eric Goldie: My favorite scene that I used to be a neighborhood of would have in all probability been the party coming up with the scene with Heather. I warned her before we have a tendency to record that Carole wished this elaborate fiftieth birthday however Heather appeared assured she might take it on. Once Carole mentioned snake handler, we have a tendency to knew we have a tendency to were screwed therefore Heather had to herald the massive guns. My favorite scene overall would are something with Heather and Carole. Their friendly relationship is simply as real once the cameras stop rolling.

Que: what’s patrician Carole up to those days? Is she operating any comes, books, TV shows, etc…?

Eric: we have a tendency to recently suffer a tragic loss when Carole’s house servant axed down her fiddle tree with a room knife – Saint George laundry vogue. Luckily, Carole is busy cinematography Season seven of #RHONY, therefore that is been keeping her mind off of the tree for currently.

Que: And currently to your massive announcement! In true Bravo vogue, I hear you launched a jewelry line. What’s it called?


Eric: I did! It’s truly been around for a moment currently, however only recently gaining additional attention. It’s referred to as Oxford Hedera helix – named when the city I visited faculty in.

Que: What created you opt to induce into the jewelry business?

Eric: My pater could be a fifth generation jeweler and it has been a privately held corporation since 1912 with my great grandparent. I majored in business at Miami University and set the simplest thanks to studying business, was to begin my very own. Ciao story short, this is often however Oxford Hedera helix came to be.

Que: Who was your larger inspiration: Lady LuAnn and her chunky necklaces or Lynne Curtin and her cuffs?

Eric: Was David Yurman ever a housewife? I am progressing to keep company with David Yurman.

Que: Is there website for your company or wherever will folks purchase your pieces?

Eric Goldie: Yes! The jewelry is offered at, and you’ll additionally realize them on and And from currently through Thanksgiving, if you search on you’ll get V-day off all men’s jewelry with the promo code ERIC15.

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Eric Goldie
Eric Goldie
Eric Goldie. New York Snapchat. Eric Goldie is a seasoned writer and producer with more than six years of experience in the entertainment and media industries.

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