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By LISA SMITH 405 views

Surprise Her With a Colored Gemstone Engagement Ring

Are you looking to pop the question and would like to dazzle your darling one with the perfect engagement ring? Classic diamonds are still popular but more and more couples have discovered the allure of colored gemstones. Why not surprise her with an original and distinctive ring that will best express her unique personality?

How to choose a gemstone for an engagement ring

Choosing a gemstone for an engagement ring is not just about its beauty and color, though of course, these are also important. The color of the gemstone should suit your better half or even be one of her favorites, but something that also plays an important role is the hardness and durability of the stone. Take into account the fact that your girlfriend will wear her engagement ring every day so the gemstone needs to be sufficiently resistant to scratches or other wear and tear. Ideally, it should have a hardness of at least seven on the Mohs scale. At the top of this scale is a diamond which scores 10 but it needs to be pointed out that even a diamond can get damaged since it is relatively fragile due to its high degree of cleavage. You therefore always need to be careful to a certain degree when wearing a ring with a gemstone.

The most popular gemstones for engagement rings

An engagement ring with a colored gemstone can make a great choice for those who want to express the uniqueness of their relationship and don’t want to be constrained by any conventions.

Let’s take a look at which gemstones are best suited to engagement rings.


Traditional dark blue sapphires are the essence of timeless elegance so it’s no wonder that they’re popular with royalty. In terms of symbolism, they represent loyalty and are said to bring good luck. With a hardness of 9, they rank just behind diamonds on the Mohs scale of hardness and this means that they can be worn every day without too many worries. An attractive alternative to blue sapphires is pink ones, which have the same level of hardness and come in a lovely soft pink color.


These unusual gemstones may not be as famous in the jewelry world as diamonds or sapphires but they deserve your attention. Rubellites, which is the name given to deep but pleasantly understated pink tourmalines, are especially great for engagement rings. Tourmalines are characterized by a hardness of 7 to 7.5, which is still hard enough for an engagement ring.


Fiery red rubies are among the rarest gemstones on the planet. They have always been associated with love, courage, and passion, so they belong in engagement rings without a doubt. They promote deep feelings and passion in relationships and are also ideal in terms of their high degree of hardness which is at 9 on the Mohs scale.


The undeniable advantage of pastel pink morganites is their purity and beautiful luster that will win over everyone. They make an especially great combination of rose gold and diamonds. With a hardness level of 7 – 7.5, they are certainly resistant enough to damage from wear and tear.

Colored diamonds

Are you looking to surprise your girlfriend with a completely original engagement ring, but don’t want to compromise on all the benefits that diamonds have? Then opt for a colored or fancy diamond which can come in intense shades of yellow, pink, blue, or green. Fancy diamonds have an attractive color, distinctive sparkle, and the highest degree of hardness along with the symbolism of eternal love all wrapped up in one.

What style of engagement ring to choose?

A colored gemstone is a distinctive and dominant element within the jewelry itself. If you want to let it shine and bring out its natural beauty, we recommend focusing on a simple design. Why not choose a solitaire style of ring that is based on just one larger gemstone? Small diamonds set next to the central stone could then add an attractive sparkle to the ring. And let’s not forget about halo rings where the main gemstone is surrounded by smaller diamonds all the way around. The result is a ring that resembles a flower and as a bonus, this design creates the optical impression of a larger stone than what it is.

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