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flowerbomb perfume dossierco
By AMANDA MILLS 2,855 views

Smell Nice With Flowerbomb Perfume Dossier.co

Flowerbomb perfume dossier.co is another signature scent from Dossier. The dossier has always created perfumes that are up to par with famous brands. It’s not surprising that the brand always sends its perfumes so quickly once they’re on the market. This is also the same as the original perfume that was produced more than decades ago. The original designers in 2005 quickly sold out as soon as they reached the market. Today, perfume is still relevant in the market. This beauty product is much-loved among fashion lovers who like luxurious products. Perfume lovers of all ages have flowerbomb in their collections.

About Flowerbomb Perfume Dossier.Co

It is the favorite perfume of perfume lovers in the world. It has a luxurious fragrance. Dossier’s version is way cheaper than the original flowerbomb fragrance. It is a replica of the original and it resembles it so much, both in scent and in notes. The one made by Dossier is called Gourmand White Flower. The cost of Dossier’s Flowerbomb is not as high as the original. However, it doesn’t mean that its quality isn’t as good as the original. In fact, if you put the original Flowerbomb and Dossier’s Flowerbomb, you can barely know the difference. Once you open both bottles, it’ll be difficult for you to tell them apart! Furthermore, Dossier’s Flowerbomb is a floral fragrance that leaves behind a lasting scent. You can tell that the perfume is an epitome of the business aims and objectives of Dossier. The aim and objective of establishing Dossier are to produce a luxury perfume that is cheaper than other luxury brands. You can buy Flowerbomb perfume dossier.co for as low as 29 dollars. It is a high-end brand of perfume that leaves people the desire to buy more. And the good news is that the affordable price of the perfume makes it even easier for people to buy. So if you can’t afford the original flowerbomb, Dossier’s flowerbomb is a great alternative. Furthermore, the fragrance is put inside a bottle that is tightly sealed, but easy to remove. There is a black design on the bottle which in itself, is a show stopper. For the scent itself, it is made in pink color to attract consumers that are women. Therefore, when you purchase the bottle, you’ll see a pink liquid inside an attractive bottle.

About the original flowerbomb

The original flowerbomb is made by a known luxurious clothing brand. This clothing brand was established by two buddies after graduating from a renowned institute. They built the fashion brand to success and made a name for themselves. The two were able to pull off these feats after debuting their couture collections. Both graduates then created a perfume collection called flowerbomb which became a sensation in the market. They had a team of people who helped them to make the product a success. It is a pricey product that is long-lasting on the wearer. Flowerbomb was created for people who can splurge on expensive perfumes no matter the cost. It is a floral and feminine beauty product meant to entice the senses. The original flowerbomb fragrance was brought to light on the 10th anniversary of the brand. The idea was to preserve the spirits of the unique brand in a container. Flowerbomb has a combination of powerful flowers, citruses, woods, spices, musks, and roses. That is, it has a spicy, musky, powdery, floral, and citrusy scent all combined into one sensual smell. The only problem with the original flowerbomb is that the brand might have used animal products in making the perfume. This means that some animals were probably tortured to get what they need from them. The brand has never come out to categorically state if it used vegan-only ingredients. This has given rise to speculations that they probably used animal products. Also, this isn’t an environmentally friendly way of producing things. In addition, because animal products might be used, the perfume can be toxic to some people. Another reason why people can’t buy the original product is the high price. It is so pricey that low-income consumers can’t afford to own one despite its beautiful fragrance.

Where to buy Dossier’s flowerbomb

Dossier has a website called dossier.co where you can buy their perfumes. The website came to be in 2018 and has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy to buy perfumes. Customers can browse around or avail themselves of the various scents on sale. The products are affordable and have good quality. Most of the products in Dossier’s scent collections are replicas of original perfumes. The replicated perfumes by Dossier are the same or nearly the same as the original. The brand also sells the products at a cheaper price. Flowerbomb perfume dossier.co is one of the products displayed on the website. Additionally, Dossier doesn’t add extra money to its goods just because it is a brand. More importantly, all Dossier’s products are packaged in simple, neat, but eye-catching packages. Dossier is all about simple beauty while delivering high-quality products to its customers. It is also the same as the flowerbomb version that Dossier produces. Flowerbomb is inside a clean bottle that gives off a special soothing scent once you open it. It makes you feel special too because the scent lingers on you for a long time. As stated earlier, you can purchase Flowerbomb online on Dossier’s website and have the goods delivered to your doorsteps. There is a return policy for customers if they wish to send back the perfume they bought. However, it is unlikely that you’ll return Gourmand White Flower because you will be satisfied with it. Before making your purchase decision, check on the feedback and reviews about the product. You will see thousands of people have left positive reviews about Gourmand, which is Dossier’s version of Flowerbomb. Well, it is not only Gourmand that enjoys raving reviews, other scents on the virtual shelf of Dossier are the same. Dossier has a wide range of perfumes for all genders and these perfumes have thousands of positive reviews. The reviews are genuine and have never been influenced by Dossier. Therefore, you can rest assured when you buy flowerbomb perfume dossier.co or any other products.

Materials used in making Dossier’s flowerbomb

Dossier has always been a brand that advocates against animal cruelty and promotes animal-free products. The company practices what it preaches and implements it in its business value. You can see it from its production of animal-free perfumes. All Dossier products, including flowerbomb are eco-friendly and don’t have animal ingredients at all. They don’t harm the consumers or cause havoc to the environment. After you’re done using Dossier’s scents packaged in the bottle, you can recycle the bottle. This is because the bottles are made with eco-friendly substances to protect the environment. Even if you return the bottle because you want another scent, Dossier will not get rid of the bottle. Dossier will send the returned product to charity homes. This shows that Dossier doesn’t waste its products and the brand is environmentally conscious.

The main scent and ingredients of Gourmand

Dossier is simply and mainly a floral scent. But this does not mean that it doesn’t have other scents associated with it. Gourmand is made for women who want to be in touch with their femininity. When ladies put on Gourmand, the fragrance envelopes them but doesn’t overpower them. It also gives them a warm feeling. The ingredients used in Dossier are all plants and products. No traces of animal products or by-products can be found. The ingredients include vanilla, fruits, musk, flowers, carmel, and patchouli. All these ingredients combined give Gourmand a fragrance that is the same as the original flowerbomb. You can never distinguish between Dossier’s flowerbomb and the original flowerbomb.

Why you shouldn’t hesitate to purchase the product

For the fragrance:

First of all, buy the product for its unique scent. If you’re the outgoing type, love to party, or simply like a feminine scent, then Gourmand is for you. You won’t regret adding this product to your perfume collections.

The packaging isn’t ostentatious:

The scent is enclosed in a bottle that is simple and not extravagantly made. Additionally, the bottle is so cute that you’ll be attracted to it at first glance. Dossier puts a magnet on the cap of the Bootle which makes it easy for the cap to latch onto the body once you close the perfume. As a result, it will be difficult for the scent to evaporate or escape unless you open the cap. It is rare to see a perfume with a magnetic cap. Similarly, Dossier chooses a simple package. This is because it will reduce their cost of production allowing them to sell their products at cheaper prices. Out of the thousands of reviews left on Dossier’s website, many prefer the understated design of the bottle to other extravagant designs.


Time and time again, Dossier has proved that the cheap price of a product doesn’t determine its quality. Dossier wants consumers of all financial statuses to afford its products. Hence, Gourmand and all other Dossier scents are cheap to buy. You can even save more money when you buy more than one bottle. Moreover, Dossier is not stingy with the quantity inside the bottle even though the price of one bottle is low. You can spritz as much as you want before you can empty the bottle. This is a good marketing strategy to attract consumers who are frugal but wish to smell good. Nevertheless, with all the benefits you’ll get from purchasing Gourmand listed above, you should know one thing. Dossier’s brand of flowerbomb doesn’t last as long as the original one. So you need to spray it again on your body to make it last for a day. But don’t worry, this feature makes Gourmand perfect for layering. You can layer Gourmand with another different scent from Dossier. But ensure that the other scent you choose will last longer than Gourmand. Then you can enjoy a scent unique to only you all day.

When can you wear the fragrance?

You can spray the perfume on no matter the season and time of the day. You don’t have to wait for a specific season before you can use it. Another beauty of using this product is that the scent blends with any attire you wear for any occasion. That is, if you wear party clothes because you have a party, you can spray Gourmand. Or if you need to go to the beach, spray Gourmand to complete your look. The same is also applied to when you have a date or a girls’ night out. Your friends will appreciate the scents on you and ask you where you bought the perfume.

Will the original perfume and Dossier flowerbomb still be available in the market?

Many consumers are afraid of the flowerbomb perfume dossier.co will be discontinued in the market due to its price. They should rest their fears because Dossier doesn’t plan to stop producing environmentally friendly, high-quality, and affordable fragrances for the masses. This is also the same for the original version. Even though the original flowerbomb is older than Gourmand, it is still available in the market in 2022. Moreover, it is as popular as before. So if you want the original perfume or Dossier Gourmand perfume, you can find either on the internet and makes your purchase. Bear in mind that Dossier is cheaper and of equal quality to the original flowerbomb. It also has a lower concentration than the original which is good for your sense of smell.


Lastly, flowerbomb perfume dossier.co is the perfect combo for those who want an affordable and marvelous scent. Don’t wait before you spoil yourself with this fragrance. Don’t worry, your money won’t take a huge hit when you buy Gourmand. So buy one now, smell nice, and let people around you marvel at your scent.

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