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black opium dossier.co
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Black Opium Dossier.co Fragrances

Perfumes and scents are items of luxury no matter how cheap or expensive they are. Black opium dossier.co are luxuries because people of all gender and ages want to smell nice. To some people, good-smelling soaps are not enough. Hence, they opt for scents and perfumes.

This has led us to write a post about a perfume brand that is currently making waves. The brand is the dossier.co and its perfume collections are wonderful, layered with different scents, and affordable. They’ve developed complicated scents like black opium that other brands find difficult to replicate. Black opium dossier.co is a scent many will forever love for its uniqueness and lovely scents. When it comes to making aromatic fragrances with various undertones, Dossier is a master. Dossier collections appeal not only to women but to men, both young and old. The perfumes enhance the beauty of the user and envelopes the wearer with s sensual warmth.

Why Dossier

Dossier understands that scents are personal to their clients and try its best to produce good products. Dossier gives its consumers the chance to try their products and return them if unsatisfied. Customers are guaranteed refunds for purchases they are not satisfied with. According to Dossier, the firm donates returned bottles to charity so that they won’t litter the environment. In a way, Dossier is contributing its quota to environmental protection by donating the bottles.

About Black Opium Fragrance

YSL black opium perfume dossier.co is on the top list of Dossier fragrances. Its name depicts its French origin and its luxuriousness. This perfume is a unisex fragrance for both genders. It is a dark product that is classy with a luxurious aroma. Apart from Dossier, other brands wanted to replicate the original YSL product but were unsuccessful. Few brands achieved success in this endeavor, and Dossier is one of them. Dossier’s iconic brand of YSL will hold you spellbound once you perceive the odor. It is a masterpiece that took the perfume market by storm. Black Opium gives off a feminine, floral, and sensual all thanks to the vanilla, coffee, and floral ingredients. Because of this, people prefer to wear this scent to night parties.

The scent is encased in a black rectangular or square bottle with a sleek look. At the center of the bottle, you can find the product’s logo. The bottle has distinct features that make it easy to identify among other brands. Furthermore, the bottle shimmers with a label which is a contrast to the rest of the bottle’s body.

About the Original and the New YSL

The original YSL came from the YSL brand which was popular in the ’60s. Several fashion enthusiasts in those days wanted to own any fashion product that came from this brand. While the YSL perfume became popular in the late ’70s.
The creator of the original YSL Black Opium dossier.co was extremely fascinated with oriental scents at that time. This spurred him to create a product that became a huge hit among the masses. Barely months after its introduction, many people purchased the original YSL and retailers had to quickly restock. To add to the allure, buyers could purchase the product as a set and gift it to their loved ones. Therefore, the purchase rate skyrocketed so much that it became the most sought-after fragrance globally at that time. This itself is a feat many perfumes failed to achieve in the late ’70s. After a while, the original YSL left the market so other brands tried to create replicates. Dossier brought back the exact replicate of the original YSL perfume. Four Dossier workers created this version and it was introduced in 2014 to eager consumers. Even though the new YSL has the same formula as the original, there is a twist. Dossier modernized the new YSL. That is, Dossier puts its own stamp on the new YSL by creating a new and contemporary version. This results in a fragrance that intoxicates the senses and is more lovely than the original YSL. Lastly, note that the original YSL has only one fragrance while the dossier has several fragrances.

A popular celebrity was chosen to represent the YSL Black Opium dossier.co due to her captivating aura. The perfume fits the celebrity perfectly because it also has a captivating fragrance that energizes the wearer. Plus the aroma seduces the senses with its sweet fragrance.

YSL Black Opium has a fragrance that stays on the wearer for a long time. It uplifts and refreshes you and makes you feel comfortable. The product comes in different variants for the consumer to choose from. No matter your choice, be assured that the scent will leave you wanting more.

Its Fragrances

There are floral tones that give the product an ethereal aroma. The dark aura can be attributed to the use of black coffee that has been perfectly roasted. Similarly, the dark aura brings out a scent that energizes your body when you smell it. The overall appearance is of feminine and masculine scent that is light and dark and a bit edgy.

Dossier added coffee to the perfume to make it stand out from its competitors. So if you open the bottle, you will immediately recognize the bottle as Dossier. In the same vein, you can detect a subtle flowery and citrusy aroma inside the bottle with a musky smell. This is all thanks to the addition of musk (white) and patchouli. Indeed, Dossier dared to mix dark and light scents in a bold move many brands cannot risk. The combination of these scents brings out a woman’s boldness and feminity. The different contrasting scents smoothly blend together to form a special product. Other ingredients include licorice, pepper (pink), accord (pear), accord (coffee), essence (cedarwood), almond (bitter), and jasmine. In addition, there is a woody smell courtesy of the wood (cashmere) ingredient. The natural ingredients contribute to the product’s warm fragrance.

Types of YSL Black Opium Scents

As stated above this product has more than one variant in the market. They are:

Musk: It is an animal product that is naturally made. It makes the perfume texture smooths and improves the wearer’s mood.

Vanilla: This ingredient is used because it stimulates the senses and brain. It gives off a mixture of fruits and cream.

Amber: It is mixed with multiple scents like benzoin and so on. Benzoin is particularly used because it appeals to buyers out there due to its citrusy aroma.

Oud: This scent is known for its romantic essence and significance. The smokey smell evokes warmth and surrounds the wearer.

Types of YSL Back Opium

Eau de Parfum:

This is a beauty product from Dossier that has a sensuous and energizing feel thanks to vanilla and coffee (black). If you want to be a perfume connoisseur, you need to know the characteristics of your favorite perfumes. This is important as it would help you in selecting the best scents that suit you. Eau has many features and one of them is the freshness it brings the wearer even after having a tiring day. The scent clings to you even as you work long tiring hours in or out of your office. This product is ideal for those whose jobs require hard labor or those who sweat a lot. Once you spray the perfume, you won’t feel any bad smell from your body after a hard day. This adds to your confidence and appeal as you step out of your workplace and prepare to go home. You can even spray the scent on yourself after you’re done with your work whenever and wherever you feel like it. If you’re looking for a way to keep your home smelling great, then check out our Affordable blinds. Our window blinds are perfect for keeping perfume and other scents in your home, so you can enjoy the smell of your favorite fragrances all day long! Another feature is the affordability of the product which makes it easy for consumers to buy. When you purchase the product, there are no extra charges incurred.

Different Eau Essences

  • There is one that has green color because creamy figs and mandarins (green) were used. This in turn created a mocktail-like fragrance. At the center of the scent is the aroma of the dragon fruit ingredients that were added. Also, you can smell the strong fragrance of coffee and fruits when you spray this perfume.
  • Another type of this perfume is the Extreme product which has a flowery, yet intense coffee (black) smell. The mixture of flowers (white) contributes to its flowery scent. Similarly, patchouli was put inside the mixture to enhance the strength of the wearer. Nonetheless, the sweetness in Extreme is lesser than in other versions, but it is not as light as in the original.
  • And lastly, there is the Intense version which is bolder than the other versions. The amount of coffee ingredients on Intense is higher than in other versions. The scent lasts long thanks to the presence of absinthe (blue).

Ambery Vanilla:

ambery vanilla perfume

This is another product in the Black Opium dossier.co collections. It is made from clean and vegan products that don’t involve animal cruelty. Part of the ingredients include plants and flower products. You can smell the subtle scent of pear with a tiny dose of licorice. This is followed by the intense aroma of citrus and flowery ingredients. To top it off, there is a strong smell of coffee (black) and vanilla (in deep dose). Furthermore, the floral fragrance warmly intoxicates you and envelopes you with a sensual and sweet scent. No wonder perfume lovers praise Ambery has a fragrance that has other fragrances inside.

How to Apply Dossier Perfumes

Layer the scents you have:

To layer, the scents you have involves the combination of two or more different scents. You need to smoothly blend these scents together to create one fragrance. You can seek expert opinions on how to mix different scents to create your personal fragrance.

Application of Layered Scents:

Spray your desired scent one after the other on your body.

Examples of Layered Scents

  • Gourmand patchoulis and Ambery Vanilla fragrances: This is a perfect combo if you are tired of the usual single scent because they complement each other. Ambery has vanilla and patchoulis. While the gourmand scent has ingredients like honey, cacaos, coffee, and licorice. First, spray the gourmand patchouli perfume, then spray the Ambery Scent.
  • Gourmand White Flower and Ambery Vanilla: This is another perfect combination that gives you an oriental and floral scent. Gourmand white flower has coffee, caramel, flower (white), and licorice. While Ambery has vanilla and patchoulis ingredients.

Why Black Opium?

It is a perfume that is meant to seduce the senses and enhance the wearer’s beauty. The smell is enigmatic. The sole purpose of producing this perfume is to give confidence to women, especially those that work in labor-intensive fields. It embodies the symbol of a strong lady and encourages her to live vibrantly and brim with confidence. Female consumers have said that the long-lasting aroma of the product attracted them to purchase it.

The Eau variant appeals to the younger female audience that wants to look elegant and smell fresh. Its citrusy, flowery, coffee and fruity scents are a delight to the nose. No matter how overpowering your natural odor is, Eau will suppress the odor and gives you a new sweet scent. As you pass by, people will marvel at the musky, fragrant, and floral fragrances that surround you. Unlike other unisex perfumes that have stronger masculine or feminine scents, Eau is a perfect combo of both scents. It produces a bitter and raw scene with an edgy bite that makes you feel in control. This is not a scent for those that like light fragrance because it is strong and migrates to the surroundings.


Black Opium dossier.co is a blend of natural products that do not harm the body or the senses. Unless you are allergic to the ingredients used, the product is safe to spray on. It is the modern version of the original YSL that appeals to the modern woman. If you want to embrace your feminity and sensuality, purchase a Black Opium dossier.co today and give it a trial. We guarantee that you will love it and will be eager to purchase more.

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