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Digital Rights Management or DRM is a plan which is meant for controlling access to copyrighted material through innovative means. DRM helps promote the legal use of proprietary software, hardware, or any other sort of content: music files, video files, ebooks, games, DVD motion pictures, messages, reports, and so on.

Though copyright laws are in place for protected media, it’s extremely difficult to regulate usage and track down users. So DRM technology concentrates on making it difficult to unlawfully use content by any means.

How does DRM function?

The most important part is knowing how DRM works. DRM initiates some of the technological restrictions that control what clients can do with digital based media. For example, a music file can be heard, however it cannot be replicated or shared; a digital book can be seen on a specific kind of gadget or handset; a solitary player diversion can be streamed using an Internet connection; and an email can be privately sent, all without being compromised using DRM. In essence, DRM makes a vulnerable media item, which totally fulfills copyright protection needs, a more protected item.

Digital Rights Management software is a two-part solution. The initial segment is simply the encryption to secure the content and the second is an authentication framework to guarantee that only approved clients can unlock the documents and or media. Different keys, licenses, and login-password combinations are utilized for added security.


Step-by-Step instructions to Check if File is DRM-Protected

Much of paid digital content is DRM-protected with an added emphasis on video/DVD, music files, and ebooks.

Four Options To Verify That A File Is DRM Protected:

#1 Single sound and video files

On the off chance that you have some sound or video file on your PC, without much of a stretch, you can check whether or not it is protected or not. These are the following steps to check (Windows OS):

  1. Select the media file.
  2. Right click on it to open the Properties menu.
  3. There you will click the tab “Details” and among every one of the classes find “Protected”. DRM protection will be clear – you will see “Yes” or “No”.

#2 Folders containing the video or sound file(s)

  1. Open the folder with your media files and select the “Details” option in the correct corner.
  2. Right-click on some of the head tables. Among every one of the criteria demonstrated, select “Protected”.
  3. The “Protected” segment will show up. Every one of the files will have an individual setting for Yes, which equals protected, and No, which leaves the file open and free to copy.

#3 DVD discs

It is considerably simpler with DVD discs. You can easily verify whether the disc is secured or not without even inserting the disc into your PC’s drive.

In the event that the disc is authorized and purchased in an official shop, the content is marked as DRM-protected. It’s basically implied. In the event that you still have a question as the disc’s DRM protected status, you can double-check as follows which are based on common sense:

  • The cost of a licensed DVD is twice more than that of a non-licensed one;
  • the disc is bundled in gray plastic cases with 2-3 spades or jewel cases, fixed in cellophane;
  • the internal center of the disc has copyright inscription;
  • the menu of a secured DVD is generally unique and professionally-made;
  • a licensed DVD, as a rule, has a considerable measure extra footage: backstage, trailers, and so forth.
  • there’s a copyright notice toward the start of the motion picture.

Rather than checking the above things, you can verify that a DVD is copyrighted with the assistance of an extraordinary copyright checker – DVD Decrypter. Simply insert the DVD disc and view its information easily.

#4 iOS Ebooks

When in doubt, all the ebooks bought from the iBookstore are DRM-protected. You can verify the DRM Protected Content status as follows:

  1. Find the book in iTunes on your Mac or PC and select it.
  2. Go to File > Get Info and click on the Summary “tab”.
  3. Next, to the “Kind” option, it will state that it is either a Book, Purchased Book, or Protected Book. Books and Purchased Books do not have DRM protected status, Protected Book affirms that it is a copy-protected book.

Wrapping up:

The DRM service has yet to be utilized with numerous video and music subscription services, however. Why? It’s complex to accommodate requirements needed to protect various gadgets and file formats. In any case, DRM protected MP3, WMA, MP4, AVI and M4V may be populating your hard drive. These files often get mixed in among the non-protected files and can throw you off on what is or is not protected on your PC. If you happen to use iTunes, there is an approach to check for DRM protection from inside the application. There is additionally a basic approach to check in Microsoft Windows 10.

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