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employment agency

How to Locate a Good Employment Agency in Toronto?

The streets of high-streets are filled with employment agencies in Brampton, and like in any competitive market. There is an HR Craft Employment Agency in Toronto that is more successful than other recruitment agencies in Toronto.

It’s certainly worth calling all the major employment agencies to begin the process and then, in order to choose the best one for you, ask these important questions:

How do Recruiters Select the Candidates?

The recruiter should meet your personality in order to help you find the right job.

At a minimum, you should be expecting an informal phone interview or an informal chat with your recruiter. If not, a face-to-face meeting to discuss your abilities and aspirations.

If all you receive is an uninspiringly generic message (aka auto-reply) you’re in danger of getting a response. They’ll just dump your CV on a shelf and never even get to know you.

These types of agencies view applicants as numbers, not genuine talent. They don’t merit your time.

Is RecruitersFamiliar With Your Field?

Some recruitment agencies are specialized in specific areas, while others are able to cover all of the above.

For instance, one Employment Agency in Toronto could be the ideal choice when you’re seeking an advertising job business, while another could be able to help find temporary administrative work.

The best option is to conduct a little amount of research prior to deciding who to call! HR Craft.

If you’re interested in working in a specific area like Toronto be sure that your recruiter knows about the niche.

If they don’t know, they’ll have a difficult time finding the job that is what you’re looking for.

Does the Employment Agency Accept Graduates and Students?

There are some organizations offering services exclusively to graduates and students. While other recruitment agencies are willing to accommodate them, but do not exclusively cater to the younger generation.

However, there are companies that will not take on students or graduates in the first place be sure to verify the details before contacting them!

How Do You Use an Employment Agency in Toronto to Find Employment?

The majority of agencies will vary in their approach to things however, the overall process generally follows the similar (or the same) procedure.

This is how you can use an agency for recruitment:

1. Submit your CV

If there’s a specific job which the company is advertising that you’re interested in or you’re seeking to know the possibilities, you’ll have to submit your CV.

If you’re in need of assistance getting your home up to par with you. We’ve put together a helpful guide that can guide you in the proper direction.

If you’re not certain if you’re in the right direction in your CV, you can try sending it to an agency offering the opportunity to have a CV review for free.

We suggest applying to 3 or 4 agencies to improve the chances of getting a job.

2. Interview with Agency

As we’ve said that any employment agency in Toronto for recruitment is worthy of their reputation. And will want to talk with you before they can begin to pitch your name to prospective employers.

So, approach this interview as you would any other meeting: dress smart and prepare your answers to the most important questions.

And keep your appearance professional throughout the entire process. They might not be the employer, but they do have an enormous say in who is offered the job. And you should have them be to be on your side!

If you emit negative impressions to the recruiter they’ll think this is the same impression you send to employers.

They’re unlikely to invest much effort into helping since it’s difficult to argue your case.

Make this interview an opportunity to establish relationships with the recruiter and to ask questions about the position.

Even if you don’t be offered the job it will give the impression that you’re committed to your career, and could be given a higher priority for interviews that follow.

3. An Interview with your Employer

If the staffing agency believes you’re a suitable candidate for a specific job then they’ll invite you to interview the prospective employer.

Treat this interview the same way as any interview, and ensure you’re prepared!

You’re likely to receive a few jobs lined up in the span of a few minutes.

So, be sure not to get the companies and roles mixed up, as this can reflect poorly on you as well as the person you’re interviewing.

Take the time to prepare your responses in order to answer the most frequently asked interview questions as well as thoroughly research the company prior to your interview.

4. Keep an Eye Out for a Job Offer

If you’re lucky it will be a job offer! The staffing agency will usually be the one to contact you to inform you.

Whether they’re interested and organize all the information, including your starting date. If there is a need for salary negotiations to take place, they’ll be the middleman for the negotiations.

If you’re unsuccessful don’t let it affect your decision in a negative way.

Request the recruiter’s feedback whether they’ve got any comments on your behalf. And then get back on your horse!

5. Chase Items and Get Feedback

Don’t be scared to pursue the recruitment agent!

If you send your resume and don’t receive a response, shoot your contact details in an email.

Or phone them up to inquire what else they require from you. Yes, they are busy but it’s their job. Don’t allow them to hold you up.

Same goes for interviews.

If you don’t get any feedback from the recruiter, or even the employer after the interview.

Make sure to follow up over the next couple of days to determine the status.

And regardless of whether you’re successful otherwise, always request feedback from your interviews.

You’re entitled to identify the strengths as well as weaknesses either in any way, and you’ll be able to take lessons from them.

6. Relax

Relax! It’s a lot easier said than done but you’ll be able to do better if attempt to keep the entire procedure in your stride.

Utilize the interview with the HR Craft employment agency in Toronto for an exercise. Or ask the interviewer for any suggestions before you go to the interview with your employer. It’s not too late!