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It is difficult to cope with moments after your beloved dog crossed the Rainbow Bridge. The grief experienced slowly burns through the heart deeply. Although you can’t bring back your best friend from death, you can do something special to commemorate the deceased pet. This will lessen the sorrowfulness you been through since the fluffy friend left this world. Buying a dog memorial urn in memorial of the pet’s death is a good decision to honor its late life. There are many ways to honor your dog’s memory.

dog’s memory

1) Donation

When a friend or relative dies, it is a tradition to organize a funeral program and give money as charity. You can do the same after losing your dog. Donate some money in remembrance of your dog’s name to a good cause. Giving money to an animal shelter is a great way to cherish your dog’s honor and support the lives of other pets as well. Even if you are not rich, you can give away your dog’s belongings to fellow pet owners who need them. When you visit the animal shelter, you will also get the chance to interact with other pets. This will help you overcome the heartache. Spending times in the pet foster programs can keep you focusing on a busy schedule and fill the void in the absence of your pet.

2) Garden stone

You have tons of memory about the outdoor where you played and walked with your dog. You can decorate this area with the name of the dog on a stone or a sculpture. Find a place in your garden or backyard and create a decorative item right on your property. Pet owners love to add a garden stone in their landscape and make the place more beautiful. Write the dog’s name in the middles and adorn the stone with marks of paws or teeth bites. If you place such stones in the garden, you can feel the sweet memory of your dog when you walk on the pathway.

3) Keep the remains

It is not okay to keep the dead body of the pet animal in the house. The decaying flesh can get infected with nasty pests and worms, which can trigger a foul smell and create an unhealthy environment. If you still want to keep the remains of your beloved pet animal cremate the body and look for floral cremation urns created by skilled artisans. You can find these urns at a pet cremation item supplier. Investing in a pet urn is ideal for those who want to keep the ashes of the dog after cremation. Animal lovers also place these urns anywhere in their house. When you store the ashes of your dog in the urn, you can display it in your living room like a piece of ornament.

Pet urns also used for the temporary storage of ashes. People take their pet urns to different places and scatter them in the landfill or water body.

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