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Is Guitar still Popular?

With the rise of pop, dance and rap music and a remarkable decline in rock music, it’s been a bleak period for electric guitar says Jesse Levine of Norristown, Pa. The headlines are also not making things easier. From Eric Clapton’s announcement of the probable demise of this iconic instrument to the decline in sales. Just to drive the point’s home, the long-lived guitar maker and the brain behind the most popular instrument, the Les Paul guitar, Gibson’s filed for bankruptcy. Gibson is not the only guitar company that is struggling, Fender, another leading guitar company is also not left out. In the past decade, sales of the electric guitar have fallen from 1.5 million to 1 million, a number that is quite shocking.  Does this mean that it is the end of this popular instrument? Is guitar experiencing a slow, secret death? What does the future hold for the guitar?  Let’s explore with Jesse Levine Norristown, the founder “Alex Levine School of Guitar, a school serving as a wonderful tribute of her son, Alex, a rock and roll legend.

What makes the guitar stand out among other instruments?

The rock music has been the hit for centuries together with its signature instrument, guitar. More than any other instrument, the guitar has a certain image associated with it and it resonates with many people in different ways.  That six-string that sings in a different way in the magical hands of different players, evoking different feelings and conjuring different images, turning the guitarist into guitar hero or god. A guitar player becomes a totally different person while up on that stage with his hands on the instruments.

One thing is, you do not need much technology, let the music flow through the feel of the guitarist. It is no surprise that guitar has been elevated to new heights among others and gave the instrument the semi-mystical status which it still holds dearly today.

The guitar is not dead, the market is still soaring

Guitar makers might not be in good shape but the guitar market is.  A total of 2.6 million guitars, both acoustic and electric guitars, were sold in the U.S. last year, 300,000 more than in 2009. According to National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) the retail world of the physical guitar stores is soaring fast, Gibson in its bankruptcy report also experiences a rise in sales of more than 10 percent between January 2017 and January 2018 and the Fender’s CEO have also made a promising remark that the industry is rising. Another remarkable thing is the growing trend of online stores like Amazon that has made considerable sales recently. If you think the guitar market is declining, think again!

The six strings are being used best everywhere

Hip hop and pop might be flourishing in this age but that does not mean the guitar bands and rock music are not gracing and bringing live concerts and events. The world can still boast of guitar champions such as Ed Sheeran, Shawn Mendes, (to mention a few) and the well-known air guitar still holds the world championship every year. The guitar might not be the lead instrument today but it has continued to be used in other music genres including RnB/pop, country music and many more. The likes of Taylor Swift, Post Malone, have got the youngsters to take back the instrument. “If the live band has no plans to slow down, the guitar isn’t doing the same: says Jesse Levine Norristown. There will always be a guitar gracing the live stage and many pop artists, raps, have always had bass guitar supporting them”, Jesse adds.  Guitar has been used in broad, unique and diverse ways and this isn’t stopping anytime soon. Well, let’s not forget the arena of praise and worship with an overabundance of guitars, even though they do not idolize or dominate the musical world.

The new lovers to explore

A male-dominated world, a recent release by Fender shows that half of the new guitar beginners are now women, quite remarkable! While others are embracing it to learn new skills and others just have a passion for it. Moreover, a novice guitar player’s fist go-to is the internet. There are countless guitar lessons, reviews, and music, mostly for free. Upcoming guitar artist with lot subscribers is rising to the limelight through this medium. Not to forget music schools that are also making moves in contributing to the popularity of the guitar. A remarkable one is Jesse Levine Norristown, “Alex Levine school of Guitar” that has been training youngsters in Norristown for free to raise guitar legends. There are still plenty of talented rock bands and guitarists out there waiting to be discovered. Love live Guitar.

Jesse Levine Norristown

Founder Jesse Levine of Norristown, Pa established the school in 2019, in tribute to his son Alex Levine. Alex was a developing singer/songwriter and outstanding teacher who was deeply loved by his guitar students and their parents.

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